April Fools’ Food Pranks: Recipes to Give Your Family a Fun Surprise

Is it cake or pizza? Jell-O or juice? It's time to trick the kids with April Fools' food pranks! Try one of these sneaky, silly recipes to celebrate April 1.

Bring the fun of April Fools’ Day right into your kitchen this year with some April Fools’ food pranks. These jokes are all in good fun — and taste delicious.

Start out with a meatloaf cake that looks like carrot cake but has ground beef tucked inside. Move onto Rice Krispie Treats buffalo wings as your next course — the celery sticks on the side are actually green licorice dipped in white frosting, not ranch dressing!

Keep the joke going right through dessert with these April Fools’ Day recipe ideas and if you have any other golden April Fools Day food pranks you want to share, tell us about them in the comments.

Candy “Onion” Rings


Think you’re about to bite into some deep fried deliciousness? Think again. Graham cracker crumbs coat Twizzlers to fool your foodies at home. Get the recipe for candy “onion rings” at Just a Pinch.

Meatloaf Cake

Use ground beef and quick-cooking oats as the base of this meatloaf “cake.” The frosting for your cake? Mashed potatoes. Sprinkle breadcrumbs on the outside of the cake to look like chopped nuts. Get the recipe at Taste of Home. 

Rice Krispie Treats Buffalo Wings

Start this recipe for Rice Krispie Treats buffalo wings by mixing together puffed cereal and melted marshmallows. Form into chicken wing shapes and then coat in a melted mixture of brown sugar. To really fool your kids give them “celery sticks” to go along with the wings — the sticks are made out of green licorice. Get the recipe at Party Pinching.

Whip up a batch of regular mashed potatoes, but, instead of serving them on your child’s plate, put them in an ice cream cone! These wacky mashed potatoes really look like vanilla ice cream – but have all the flavor of creamy potatoes. Get the recipe at Yummly. 

Jell-O Oranges

Finish off your silly meal with a plate of fruit — but these aren’t just any fruit pieces. These Jell-O oranges  look real but they’re made out of Jell-O. Here’s how it works: Slice oranges in half and remove the inside. Prepare orange Jell-O and pour into the halves. Refrigerate to set. Cut into segments and serve. Get the recipe at Olga’s Flavor Factory

April Fool’s Breakfast

Prank your kiddos first thing in the morning with these “eggs” that are make of vanilla vogurt, apricots and poppy seeds. The best part? They’re still getting a healthy breakfast either way! Get the recipe at Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Pizza Cake

What kid wouldn’t mind having pizza for dessert? But this is no ordinary pizza. This pizza cake has a yellow cake crust that’s layered with vanilla frosting, grated white chocolate (cheese) and toppings made up of Fruit Roll-Ups (pepperoni). Complete the look of your pizza cake by picking up a pizza box from a local restaurant to use to fool your family into thinking it might just be the real thing. Get the recipe at Just a Pinch.

Pound Cake “Grilled Cheese”

Nothing beats the classic combo of grilled cheese and tomato soup on a cold day. Surprise your family with this yummy pound cake that is decorated to look just like a grilled cheese sandwich. A buttery toasted top layer and orange frosting is sure to fool your kiddos; just hold the soup. Get the recipe at Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Chicken Nuggets

No kid is ever disappointed when chicken nuggets are served for dinner, but they’ll be even more excited when their dinner turns out to be a tasty dessert! These “nuggets” are actually mini cake bites that are coated in a Cinnamon Toast Crunch breading to resemble traditional breaded chicken strips. Get the recipe at Chelsea’s Messy Apron

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