Breakfast Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day

Pampering time! Start Mother's Day out right by treating mom to breakfast. Dress up a classic morning dish by using a cookie cutter to cook the eggs right in the toast – with help from the "heart-shaped egg in the hole" recipe. On the sweeter side, kids might want to make mom a pan of cinnamon rolls or "lovin' muffins." For a real surprise, cook up a batch of cupcakes. But these aren't any cupcakes – they're made with eggs and bacon! And remember, all of these recipes work well to put onto a tray to give to mom as part of breakfast in bed. Oh, and don't forget the most important part: a handwritten note telling mom why she's the best.

Heart-Shaped Egg in the Hole

Toast gets a makeover with this creative heart-shaped egg in the hole recipe from Martha Stewart. Your child can make a heart on a thick slice of bread using a cookie cutter. Spread butter on each side and place on a medium-high heat skillet. Brown on one side, flip then add in an egg. Cook through, and you've got a fast breakfast idea that will impress mom.

Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

Don't buy your sweets – make mom homemade sweet cinnamon rolls from Spoonful. If your kiddos have never worked with yeast dough before, this recipe breaks it down into easy steps. Time for frosting!

Lovin' Muffins

Kids can whip up boxed cornmeal muffins with this surprise inside: strawberry jam. Fill the muffin cups with just enough batter to cover the bottom of the muffin cup, add a heaping scoop of jam and then top with more batter. That's all your child needs to do to make these "lovin' muffins" from Parenting.

Everything Bagel Strata

Chock full of Gruyere (or Swiss) cheese, leeks and eggs, this "everything" bagel strata from Parents is full of flavor. The best part? You put the ingredients together the night before and then cook it up so it's warm and fresh for Mother's Day morning.

Blintz Brunch Bake

Forget the traditional blintzes and try this easy blintz brunch bake from Kraft instead. The recipe includes Neufchatel and ricotta cheeses that blend together to make a not-to-sweet dish that's almost like having cheesecake for breakfast. Yum!

Bacon and Egg Savory Cupcakes

These bacon and egg savory cupcakes from Pillsbury aren't sweet, but mom will think you're a sweetie for making them. Shh: You don't even have to tell her they're a cinch to throw together. Use refrigerator biscuits as the base and press them into a jumbo muffin pan or custard dishes, top with two strips of cooked bacon, then crack an egg to fill the top.


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