Cheese Ball Recipes for Your New Year’s Party

Your kids will love making these fun recipes based on the classic appetizer including chocolate cheese balls, pineapple cheese balls and more.

Pass the cheese, please! It’s time to get creative with the traditional cheese ball recipe. With most, you use softened cream cheese and then mix in shredded cheese and seasonings. Once the ball is formed, you can roll it in different toppings.

That’s the standard. But you can get creative with your kids by trying out new ways using the same idea. For example, make your cheese ball look like something else altogether with the pineapple cheese ball recipe.

Or create holiday party cheese pops or mini cheese balls. While most cheese balls go into the fridge, try out the baked sausage crescent cheese balls instead.


Mix ‘n Match Party Cheese Ball

Looking for a basic recipe? This mix ‘n match party cheese ball from Kraft walks you through how to make the standard cheese ball. This recipe also includes three tasty combinations like dried cranberries and almonds, red pepper and walnut, and green onion and pecans. See what kind of ideas your kids have in mind!


Pineapple Cheese Ball

Sweet pineapple melds into cream cheese to create this pineapple cheese ball from Just a Pinch. Here’s the fun part, especially for your kids: Shape the cheese to look like a pineapple on its side. Use pecans to complete the look. You can either use the top of a pineapple or green onion stalks to make it look even more like your kiddos are digging into the real thing.


Mini Cheese Balls

Instead of making one large cheese ball, why not make several smaller ones? These mini cheese balls from The Food Network have several different options. Roll each small cheese ball in toppings like bacon, pumpkin seeds, chopped pistachios, sesame seeds or fresh herbs.


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Holiday Party Cheese Pops

Your kids can get creative making these holiday party cheese pops from Parents that look almost like lollipops! Roll the cheese mixture into small balls and then put a pretzel stick in the center. Roll each cheese ball in nuts. Cheese ball lollipops? Oh yeah!


Sausage Crescent Cheese Balls

Another different take on cheese balls. Use refrigerated crescent dough and mix up pieces of crescent dough with cheese, sausage and a little flour to create these sausage crescent cheese balls from Pillsbury. Bake up these cheese balls and watch as everyone in the house comes to see what smells so good.


Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

Mix softened cream cheese with butter, confectioners sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, pecans and miniature chocolate chips. That’s right, this chocolate chip cheese ball from All Recipes captures the flavor of the cookies into every bite. Serve with pretzel sticks for dipping.


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