Creative Lunch Ideas for School

Give the standard sandwich a makeover or try something completely different this year. Your child will look forward to lunchtime with these cool recipes!

School is now in session! To help give your child a smile in the middle of the day – along with an energy boost – consider making her lunch just a bit more fun. You don’t have to do something clever every day, but perhaps surprise her on occasion with one of these recipes. Put together a take-to-school taco bar or quick chicken-sesame rice balls that look like an animal face. For adventurous eaters, you might try making the Elvis burrito or rainbow vegetable spring rolls. Then again, you’re sure to inspire giggles with a bunny-shaped wrap or by leaving a message in his lunch box.

Take-to-School Taco Bar

Does your child love tacos? This take-to-school taco bar from The Food Network includes all the ingredients she’ll need to construct a yummy taco right in the lunchroom. Layer deli slices of roast beef in flour tortillas and top with shredded cheddar cheese. Include thin-cut lettuce, salsa and guacamole to add to the tacos.

Quick Chicken-Sesame Rice Balls

Cute and tasty! Induce ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ from your kiddo by making him this quick chicken-sesame rice ball recipe from Cooking Light. Mix cooked rice with vinegar, sugar and a little salt. Use the blended rice to form a ball around a piece of cooked chicken. Cut out shapes in dried seaweed sheets for the eyes and bow. Or you can use vegetable pieces to create the face.

The Elvis Burrito

Elevate a wrap using this idea from bon appétit: the Elvis burrito. Smear peanut butter all over a whole-wheat flour tortilla. Sprinkle with pieces of bacon and banana. Finally, drizzle with honey before rolling up. You can also substitute almond butter for peanut butter, thin-sliced apples for the bananas and leave out the bacon altogether – or add an extra helping!

Rainbow Vegetable Spring Rolls

Add some color – and nutritious ingredients – to your child’s next lunchbox with this rainbow vegetable spring rolls recipe from the kitchn. Slice up a “rainbow” including red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, carrots, purple cabbage and microgreens. Line these ingredients on a large rice wrapper and roll up. You might include a dipping sauce to go along with the rolls in your child’s lunch.

Bunny-Shaped Wrap

Forget ho-hum sandwiches – make these bunny-shaped wraps from Good Housekeeping instead. Break out the kitchen scissors to create the bunny ears after folding the flour tortilla. Make a cute veggie face with pieces of carrot, tomato, chives and celery. As a fun side, offer hummus with carrots sticking out of it.

Leave a Message

Besides the main lunch fixings, what about tucking a clever note into your child’s lunchbox? That’s the gist behind this leave a message idea from Parenting. Their idea? Glue a packet of Smarties candies onto a piece of stock paper along with an encouraging note.

Checkerboard Turkey Sandwich

Trying to get your kids hooked on whole grains? Try this idea for a checkerboard turkey sandwich from Kraft Recipes. Use white and whole wheat bread to create the pattern, you can fill the sandwich with your child’s favorite fixins’ – not just turkey.

PB&J with Bananas

For the peanut fan in your house, try this PB&J with bananas from Delish. Put together this tasty sandwich using cinnamon-raisin swirl bread, peanut butter, raspberry or strawberry jam, and slices of bananas.

Little Italy Chicken Pitas

Pitas make for the perfect kid-sized sandwiches. This recipe for little Italy chicken pitas from Cooking Light is full of flavor. Use leftover chicken and mix in sun-dried tomatoes, vinaigrette and Asiago cheese.

Main photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping. 


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