Crumbs: Grilled Flank Steak Recipe

Lean, flat flank steak is a quick-cooking meat that’s perfect for weekday dinners or jazzed up with fixins’ for weekend meals.

This grilled flank steak recipe takes a little planning ahead: You rub a flavorful paste into the meat the night before you plan on grilling. (I usually make two at the same time – one for dinner that night, one for leftovers for a meal the next). Don’t be put off by the rub’s main ingredient. The mustard base (note: Use Dijon; regular mustard won’t work!) brings together several marinade musts, including vinegar and other acidic ingredients, so you don’t have to hunt down each one. They’re in there. I add in a few of my favorite seasonings like garlic and paprika, but if you have a good smoky seasoning mix you like, toss some of that in, too.

You’ll notice I upped the pepper in here. Most of the pepper’s spicy edge is burnt off during grilling; it’s the tanginess that’s left over. But you’ll need to use freshly ground pepper versus the finely ground variety you find in most shakers. Don’t have a pepper shaker? They aren’t much more expensive than the regular variety and it really does make a difference. Plus, unlike some spices, you’ll use pepper all the time.

As with most meats hot off the grill, this one is better if you wait about 5 minutes before cutting. A little patience gives the meat time to soak up all those marinade ingredients you worked to rub in. I like to serve this over a salad with Italian dressing, shredded Parmesan cheese and tomato slices. But you could use the strips to make tacos, burritos, serve with rice, noodles, steamed veggies, sauteed veggies, cheesy veggies … you get the idea.

Try the Crumbs grilled flank steak recipe here!


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