Dessert Parfaits with Berries, Cookies and More

Your kids may already be familiar with ice cream parfaits, but there are a lot of other varieties you can make at home, including healthy varieties. Start off with an easy yogurt and granola breakfast parfait or a breakfast parfait made with cottage cheese. If you’ve been strawberry or blueberry picking, then you should consider making either the mixed berry parfait or berry cheesecake parfaits. You can’t forget dessert! Use homemade custard as the smooth filling instead of ice cream with these recipes for cookies-and-cream pudding parfaits and mini chocolate raspberry cake cups. The best part about parfaits is that your kids can get creative with the ingredients inside – use these recipes as a base and encourage them to put their own spin on it!


Easy Yogurt and Granola Breakfast Parfaits

Your kids will be all smiles when they wake up to these easy yogurt and granola breakfast parfaits from Completely Delicious. In half-pint jars, add granola and then yogurt, jam, berries – and then repeat.


Breakfast Parfait

Here’s another breakfast parfait recipe idea from Eating Well. Instead of yogurt as a base, this one calls for low-fat cottage cheese. Top with pineapple or papaya chunks or peaches. Dust with toasted wheat germ for crunch and added nutrition.


Mixed Berry Parfaits

Use gelatin to showcase berries so they’re suspended right in your parfait glass. Woman’s Day’s mixed berry parfait recipe includes just three ingredients. The bottom layer has berries mixed with gelatin. Once that layer is firm, top with vanilla pudding and then extra berries. Voila! An impressive, simple dessert that’s perfect as a snack, too!


Berry Cheesecake Parfaits

Capture all the flavor of a slice of cheesecake in a cup. These berry cheesecake parfaits from Kraft include softened cream cheese that’s whisked with milk and pudding mix to create the perfect consistency. Layer the “cheesecake” with fresh berries and then add a dollop of whipped cream.


Cookies-and-Cream Pudding Parfait

Start by making pudding from scratch using whole milk warmed with sugar and then thickened with egg, cream and cornstarch. The next ingredient is crumbled sandwich cookies. You’ll have no trouble getting your kids to help put together these cookies-and cream pudding parfaits from All You.


Mini Chocolate Raspberry Cake Cups

Use your favorite chocolate cake recipe or a purchased one and layer it between scoops of chocolate custard and raspberry jam. The key to making these mini chocolate raspberry cake cups from MyKidsEatSquid is to keep the portions small since all the ingredients are extra rich.


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