DIY Halloween Candy Recipes

Candy and Halloween go hand in hand. But instead of purchasing all of your candy at the store, what about making some on your own this year? Your kids will love getting a chance to craft their favorite candies right at home. Smitten with Snickers? Stuck on Twix? Fan of Almond Joy? Then follow the directions to create your own version. You kids can add their own spin to each one. If they’ve always wanted dark chocolate instead of milk in peanut butter cups, you can try it. Do they want to add colorful sprinkles to top peppermint patties? Why not. It’s candy time!


Snickers Bars

Creamy nougat spotted with peanuts and then covered with chewy caramel before it’s coated with chocolate. Follow this recipe for Snickers bars from How Sweet It Is to make these popular candies in your own kitchen. And the best part? You can cut these candies into super-sized bars.


Almond Joy

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. And with this recipe for Almond Joy from Joy the Baker you can decide if you top the chewy coconut center with a roasted almond or not. The center is just sweetened condensed milk, powder sugar, vanilla and coconut.


Peanut Butter Cups

Chocolate and peanut butter were made for each other. Craft this perfect candy with a recipe for peanut butter cups from Brown Eyed Baker. Use mini muffin cups lined with papers then add melted chocolate. Fill with a peanut butter ball and top with more melted chocolate. Candy perfection!


Candy Corn

For the ultimate holiday treat make this candy corn from Homemade Simple. Just how do you make these candies? The candies are a mixture of powdered sugar, powdered milk, sugar, corn syrup, water, butter, vanilla and food coloring. If your kids want to use blue and purple instead of yellow and orange, go for it!


Peppermint Patties

Mint fan? How about making your own peppermint patties with this recipe from Saveur. The minty center is made with heavy cream, sugar, milk, butter, cream of tartar and a dash of peppermint oil. Bathe the mint centers with melted semisweet chocolate chips.



This recipe for Twix from Bon Appetit takes time to put together. The first layer is a shortbread made with melted butter, brown sugar, egg, vanilla, flour and toffee chips. The second layer is all do-it-yourself caramel. The final layer is a smooth coating of chocolate. These bars are best if you eat them in the first two days. Not that eating them quickly will be a problem!


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