Easy Roll Up Recipes for Lunch and Dessert

When it comes to darling and delicious snacks, we’re on a roll – quite literally. Metro Parent scouted the web for a couple cool recipes that yield pretty swirls and tasty results we think southeast Michigan families will love to make together. Check ’em out!

Peepshi (Peeps Sushi)

As a kid, Grace Kang loved nuked ham-and-cheese rollups. No wonder the SeriousEats.com “editor of photograzing” would go on to jumpstart what’s become a web sensation: Peepshi – candy sushi feature Rice Krispies Treats, Fruit by the Foot and, of course, Peeps – the quintessential marshmallow treat!


  • 6 Peeps per roll, 1 Peep per nigiri
  • 1 Box Rice Krispies Treats
  • 1 box Fruit by the Foot

Make the roll

  1. Slice off roughly 3/16″ slices, lengthwise, from a Rice Krispies Treat.
  2. “Execute six Peeps of your color choice by decapitation,” Kang instructs. (Classic chicks work nicely.) Slice off a little excess “neck,” just in case.
  3. Snip a piece of Fruit by the Foot a bit longer than the Rice Krispies Treat slice.
  4. Flatten and elongate the Rice Krispies Treat slice slightly, and form into a hollow circle around your finger. If it breaks, just mold it back together.
  5. Tuck a Peep head into the top of the Rice Krispies Treat cylinder, using a toothpick or knife tip to get it snug.
  6. Wrap the Fruit by the Foot around each roll, nipping and folding a bit for a clean look.

Make the nigiri

  1. Cut a Rice Krispies Treat in half (if using a full Peeps, you can keep the treat intact).
  2. Using bunny Peeps, from the base of the ears, shear off both sides.
  3. Measure a length of Fruit by the Foot that’ll wrap around the treat and the Peeps. Cut it in half with kitchen scissors.
  4. Wrap the Fruit by the Foot around the Peeps and treat, securing on the bottom.

Snail Roll Ups

Cute and quirky lunches are the norm for Lisa Leconte’s two lucky kids. The California mom behind the My Cute Cuisine blog and zine – and author of The Mini Book of Grandwiches and 1 Lunch, 2 Lunch, Cute Lunch, Hot Lunch – shared this fun sandwich with Metro Parent.


  • 1 large tomato basil tortilla
  • 1/4 cup cashew butter
  • 1 banana, thinly sliced
  • 4 Babybel cheddar cheeses, cut in half
  • 3 uncooked spaghetti noodles
  • Black sesame seeds for eyes
  • (preserve italics)
  • Makes 8 snails

Make it

  1. Spread cashew butter on tortilla and place banana slices on top. Roll up tortilla tightly.
  2. Cut the ends of the rolled tortilla to form a flat surface at either end. Cut 1″ slices to yield 8 mini wraps.
  3. Cut body of snail as shown from each Babybel half, and place each mini wrap on top.
  4. Break 1″ segments from uncooked noodle and place on snail head.
  5. From remaining cheese, cut round eyes using a straw and place on top of uncooked noodle.
  6. Carefully place black sesame seed eyes, using a tiny bit of cashew butter to “glue” into place.
  7. Snails can be placed atop a bed of greens or dried fruit of choice.


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