Family Food Trends for 2015

Organic food was all the talk of 2013. And in 2014, the food world was abuzz with eating local ingredients and having healthier food for kids. What food trends will people be talking about this year? Food experts are making their predictions: For families, the trends are toward more options—and more convenience. For example, grocery stores are offering delivery services right to your door. And ethnic eats are here to stay. You’ll be able to find tastes from around the world at area restaurants along with ingredients to make ethnic dishes in your own home.


DIY Ramen

According to, the Pinterest 100 list reveals several of the top lifestyle and food focuses for 2015 and DIY ramen is at the top. With long noodles swimming in a bath of rich broth, ramen just might be a modern take on classic chicken noodle soup.



The foodies over at Fine Dining Lovers believe that this year pistachios will be all the craze. They say you’ll be finding more pistachio products at your local grocers. Look for pistachio butters, spreads, dips, oils, milk and more.


Ugly Fruits and Vegetables

No more perfect produce in 2015! Kitchen Daily believes ugly fruits and vegetables will finally have their day. The reason? Families are more concerned with food waste. So even if a fruit or vegetable is misshapen or has a blemish or two, you can still buy it – and eat it!


Mini Gourmet Menus

Good news for kids’ meals! The National Restaurant Association notes that chefs and restaurants are trying to give kids – and families – more options on the menu. So look for something besides chicken fingers and fries the next time you go out with your kiddos.


Drinking Your Meals

The Food Network thinks you’ll be sipping more of your meals this year. Green smoothies have become a staple for many families – even the pickiest eaters seem to be willing to try them. In 2015, expect to see smoothies boosted with protein, vitamins and other nutrient-rich ingredients.


Hand Touched Over Handmade

Not everything has to be homemade! That’s the gist of one food trend The Food Channel says will be hot for 2015. What exactly is Hand Touched Over Handmade? It’s the idea that shortcuts in cooking (yes, boxed cake mixes, frozen vegetables, etc.) are fine as long as you cook part of the dish yourself.


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