Fondue Recipes: Fun Meals for Kids

Fondue is all the rage. What’s great about fondue is everyone comes together to eat this dippable meal – conversations and silliness follows! Raid your pantry for fondue fixings like crackers, pretzels and more – then open up the fridge to add fruit and vegetable slices to the mix. To bring this restaurant craze home, try these recipes and fun meals for kids. For something savory, try easy cheese fondue or Martha Stewart’s version of cheese fondue. Or, cook your food right in the broth by following the directions for beef and chicken fondue. Go sweet with quick and easy chocolate fondue or chocolate caramel fondue. You don’t have to have a specialized pot to make fondue. You can always melt the mixture on the stovetop and then serve it in a regular bowl.

Easy Cheese Fondue

This easy cheese fondue from Kraft only takes a few ingredients, including cream cheese, to create a smooth texture. Use white wine or chicken broth to thin the cheese. Nutmeg and garlic give the cheese a subtle earthy flavor. Dip crackers, crusty bread and veggies – even cooked pasta – in this cheesy concoction.

Cheese Fondue

For a fancier spin on the basic version, use this cheese fondue recipe from Martha Stewart. The key to this fondue is a variety of specialty cheeses like Gruyere, Emmenthal, and Raclette (you can substitute other cheeses). This fondue just begs for a high-quality French baguette slice to be dipped inside.

Beef and Chicken Fondue

With this beef and chicken fondue from Pillsbury, you put together a plate of raw chicken and beef cubes along with sliced vegetables to serve with the broth-based fondue. The meat cooks on the fondue fork in the hot broth. Serve with a cool cucumber dip to finish off the meal.

Quick and Easy Chocolate Fondue

This quick and easy chocolate fondue recipe from Campbell’s Kitchen has only two ingredients: chocolate and butter. Melt the two together before placing them into your fondue pot. Dip cookies into the chocolate. Another idea? Potato chips.

Chocolate Caramel Fondue

Melt together sweetened condensed milk, caramel ice cream topping and chocolate to make this chocolate caramel fondue from Taste of Home. You can melt the mixture and then place in individual cups to serve to your kids with fruit slices to dip inside.

Chocolate Peppermint Fondue

Add a minty twist with this chocolate peppermint fondue from Food Fanatic. Use more kid-friendly peppermint extract instead of peppermint schnapps to create this silky fondue that’s a mixture of heavy cream, plus dark and milk chocolate. And for dipping? Use pretzels or cubes of pound cake.


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