Grilled Chicken Recipes for a Summer Barbecue

Chicken is one of the most versatile ingredients around, especially when it comes to grilling. To learn how to make crowd-pleasing chicken breast, discover the basics here – along with a classic recipe for barbecue chicken. As a bonus, we’re also including some fun recipes to impress your kids, like Coke-can chicken, where the bird cooks right on the can. And for a tropical adventure for your taste buds, try out the jerk chicken or grilled chicken tenders with cilantro pesto. An appetizer staple becomes a go-to barbecue favorite with grilled buffalo wings (don’t forget the dipping sauce!). Now, the real question: Who are you going to invite over to kick back and enjoy the meal with you?


Grilled Chicken Breasts

Want to turn out moist, juicy meat from the barbecue? Here are the basics to great grilled chicken breasts from Grilling Companion. One key: Dry off the chicken breasts before placing them on a hot grill.


Coyote’s Coke Can Chicken

Grab a can of Coca-Cola for your next barbecue. It’s not for drinking! (Well, maybe you can have a few extra sips to quench your thirst.) Perch a whole chicken on the soda can to steam the chicken with flavor while it cooks. Your kids are going to love checking out the chicken on the grill with this recipe for Coyote Ranch’s Coke-can chicken from Coca-Cola Company.


Grilled Buffalo Wings

Here’s a new spin on an old favorite – grilled buffalo wings from Serious Eats. Start by rubbing the wings with a spicy mixture of cayenne, black pepper and salt. Then it’s off to the grill! Once the wings are cooked through, toss them in a buffalo sauce. No one will miss the frying.


Grilled Chicken Tenders with Cilantro Pesto

One fast way to grill up chicken is by using tenders. This recipe for grilled chicken tenders with cilantro pesto from Eating Well starts with a simple marinade of lime juice and soy sauce. The tenders cook for two minutes per side. Serve them with a cilantro pesto for a zesty dipping sauce.


Jerk Chicken

This island favorite starts with a spicy marinade to infuse the chicken with flavor. Martha Stewart plays up Jamaican flavors with her version of jerk chicken. Your family will be surprised to catch hints of cinnamon, allspice, thyme and other seasonings in this taste bud-popping recipe!


Classic BBQ Chicken

Take your time making this classic BBQ chicken from Williams-Sonoma. Begin by brining cut-up pieces of chicken in a mixture of water, salt and seasoning. The chicken bathes in the brine overnight before you pat it dry and then place it on the grill. And don’t reach for the bottled barbecue sauce – this recipe includes a DIY version.


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