Hasselback Potatoes

Roasted. Mashed. Casserole. Baked. Hasselback?

Potatoes equal possibilities, but chances are your family might be getting tired of seeing them the same way over and over again – no matter how inventive you get with the baked potato toppings.

The answer? Hasselback potatoes. You’ll need to dig out a sharp knife to pull off this Swedish recipe. The recipe calls for you to make thin slices of the potato so that you can fan out the slices and fill them with breadcrumbs. You can do this with a whole potato, but my knife skills just aren’t that good (OK – I was going to say “sharp,” but I was trying to avoid a bad pun!).

I make it easier by cutting the potatoes in half lengthwise so that they can lay flat while I make the slits. And to ensure that my slits don’t go right through the potato, I put the ends of two wooden spoons (or you could use chop sticks) so that the knife stops in the right place.

Once you’ve cut the potatoes, you’re ready to pack flavor into each of the slits. I use breadcrumbs peppered with Parmesan cheese, paprika and garlic, but you might want to put your own spin on the recipe – maybe dried rosemary, thyme or basil.


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