Healthy and Delicious Guacamole and Avocado Recipes

The avocado, also called the alligator pear, is a soft, green fruit that is not only tasty but healthy. The fruits – a goldmine of vitamins A, B, C, E and K – are full of healthy monounsaturated fats and contain more potassium than bananas. Avocados are also great to cook with, with their most well known contribution to the culinary universe being guacamole – a traditional Mexican dip that often includes tomatoes, cilantro and onions. Round up the kids in the kitchen and try these guacamole and avocado recipes that show how versatile the alligator pear really is.


Avocado Fries with Cilantro Ranch Dipping Sauce

In the same vein as Japanese-style tempura fried vegetables, these avocado fries from Blog Chef are a great alternative to potato French fries. With some panko breadcrumbs, a little bit of oil and fresh slices of avocado, you can create this new favorite appetizer or snack. The creamy sauce, made of tangy Greek yogurt and lemon juice, is a perfect complement to the hot dippers.


Crab and Blackberry Guacamole

Bizarre as it sounds, the savory crab and the sweet and tart blackberries meld beautifully in this unique guacamole from Healthy. Delicious. Just fold-in crab claw meat with the berries into the guac and use as a dip with chips – or add to fish tacos to create a new family favorite.


Chilled Guacamole Soup

Hold onto that last bit of summer with a refreshing recipe for a chilled guacamole soup from All Day I Dream About Food. This gazpacho-esque soup – flavored with onion, cilantro, garlic and peppers – is perfect for a hot day. It’s a great starter to any Mexican feast and can be made the night before and chilled in the refrigerator.


Avocado and Egg Breakfast Pizza

Huevos rancheros show us that breakfast can be festive and savory. This avocado and egg breakfast pizza by Justina Blakeney takes using lunch and dinner ingredients in the morning to a whole new level. It’s as easy as toasting pita bread, mashing avocado and cooking an egg in any style. Protein in the egg – matched with the plethora of healthy stuff in the avocado – makes this a quick, nutrient-packed way to start your day.


Pomegranate and Mango Fruit Guacamole

Throw tradition to the wind and serve up a bowl of fruity guacamole, by Guacamole Recipe of Mexico, with tortilla chips this Thanksgiving. The recipe combines pomegranate seeds, mangos and, of course, avocado to create an unforgettable mash-up of sweet and savory flavors, sure to be more memorable than that old can of cranberry sauce.


Kiwi Avocado Smoothie

Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it. Because of their nutritional value and texture, avocados can be perfect additions to any smoothie like in this uber-green concoction. The color of this vibrant smoothie creation by Family Spice comes from avocados, kiwi, green grapes and a granny smith apple, so it’s sweet enough to make you forget you’re drinking an avocado.


Vegan Italian Guacamole with Pine Nut Rawvioli

Who says guacamole can’t be Italian? Concocted by Vegan Feast Catering, this fun and healthy dish is based around grape tomato “rawvioli” that are pitted and filled with an easy-to-make pine nut and bell pepper puree. The insides of the little tomatoes are then used to make the guac! It’s a little gourmet, 100-percent vegan and completely delicious.


Blue Cheese Guacamole with Almonds

By adding only a few more ingredients, you can take guacamole to new heights – like in this blue cheese and almond gu
acamole from The Daily Meal
. In the spirit of the Cobb salad, avocado and crumbly blue cheese come together to create a creamy, tangy dip. Almonds add texture and a healthy boost. Tweak the dish by experimenting with different qualities and types of blue cheese.


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