Holiday Gift Jar Recipes

These holiday gifts give you a chance to layer ingredients in glass jars for a memorable treat. Let your kids decorate the labels of your homemade food jars to give to teachers, friends and family.


Blueberry-Ginger Hotcakes

Give someone the gift of a warm, holiday breakfast with this mix for blueberry-ginger hotcakes from Midwest Living. The recipe includes dried blueberries and cornmeal that you stack into a one-quart glass jar. Now, who’s ready for some pancakes?


Tarragon Bean Soup Mix

Show off five different kinds of beans in a jar that’s also filled with tarragon seasoning. You can choose the types of beans that you want to include—from bright-colored red beans to black-eyed peas, black beans and others. This recipe for tarragon bean soup mix from Whole Foods is sure to please.


Honey, Walnut and Dried Fruit Topping

This easy recipe for honey, walnut and dried fruit topping from Martha Stewart is quick to put together. The earthy, crunchy topping makes for a great mix-in on yogurt or oatmeal. Even better, it looks beautiful tucked into a clear glass jar.


Hershey’s Brownies

With two-different kinds of chocolate, this Hershey’s brownies in a jar recipe is rich and gooey. Give these away to the chocolate lovers on your holiday list!


Christmas Cookies

Full of oatmeal, cranberries and white chocolate chips, these chewy Christmas cookies from Taste of Home, look lovely layered in a jar. The flours and sugar go on bottom, while the cranberries crown the white chocolate chips, which you can place right on top.


Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Warm and soothing, this peppermint hot chocolate mix from Kraft Recipes looks as good as it tastes. Have your kids help you crush the peppermint candies that go on top of the layered hot chocolate, chocolate chips and, of course, marshmallows.


Chocolate Candy Slab

For goodies that are already made, try this recipe for chocolate candy slab from Better Homes and Gardens. The tempting mix of tempered chocolate, chopped-up candies, pretzels and more are broken up into pieces (maybe some red and green sprinkles?). Place the pieces into the jar for a yummy treat.


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