Homemade Easter Candy: Egg-Shaped Treats

Forget hardboiled and make egg-shaped candies this year! Here are five Easter treats to make at home with your kids.

Looking for something new to do with your kids over the Easter season – besides dying eggs? While creating multi-colored eggs can be fun, you don’t just have to do it with vinegar and dye. This year, make homemade Easter candy eggs so that you can eat them when you’re all done – unlike the hard-boiled egg, which usually gets pitched in the trash. Crush candy eggs to make your own Robin’s egg malted milk fudge. Create your own version of the trademark holiday treat with a recipe for homemade Cadbury Crème Eggs. For a simple sweet, whip up fudge truffle eggs. Now who wants to help decorate?!

Homemade Cadbury Crème Eggs

This recipe for homemade Cadbury Crème Eggs from Food 52 takes some time to put together but it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon. Create the creamy filling using syrup, butter and powdered sugar. Use yellow food dye to make the “yolk” centers and then surround with the regular white filling. Dip each one into melted dark chocolate.

Robin’s Egg Malted Milk Fudge

Your kids will love making these Robin’s egg malted milk fudge from Delish – especially since the first thing they get to do is to crush candy. In a saucepan, melt together butter, sugar, salt and heavy cream. Stir in white chocolate chips, marshmallow Fluff and Rich Chocolate Ovaltine. Once melted, fold in some of the crushed candies and then press into a pan. Pour the rest of the candies on the top and refrigerate before cutting.

Fudgy Truffle Eggs

There are so many possibilities with this simple fudgy truffle eggs recipe from Betty Crocker. First step? Choose a surprise for the filling – either peanut butter or marshmallow crème. Next: stir melted chocolate chips into premade frosting. Chill the chocolate mixture and then use it to form around the filling. Dunk each chocolate shape into melted chocolate-flavored candy coating.

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Truffles

Melt together butter, vanilla and miniature marshmallows and then mix with plenty of rice cereal puffs. Use a spoon and lightly oiled hands to form the mixture into small eggs. Dip each one into melted chocolate. Then it’s time to get colorful – choose pink, green or yellow candy-coated chocolate to use as the final layer. Make little baskets full of these Easter egg Rice Krispie truffles from Yum in Your Turn to give to friends.

Easter Oreo Cookie Eggs

Time to make a yummy dessert using everyone’s favorite sandwich cookie – these Easter Oreo cookie eggs from Lady Behind the Curtain. Crush Oreos and mix with cream cheese; form into egg shapes. Microwave a selection of colored-candy coatings. Bathe each form in melted chocolate and then give them time to set.


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