Hot Dog Recipes for National Hot Dog Month

Detroit loves hot dogs. When it comes to the top hot dog consuming cities in the U.S., the Motor City makes the list at No. 9, right after Philadelphia (No. 1 happens to be Los Angeles followed by New York).

Try a different hot dog every day of the month to celebrate National Hot Dog Month. You can go bunless and make a hot dog on a stick or Dallas dogs (wrapped in flour tortillas). Top your dogs with fun flavors like pineapple to make a Hawaiian club dog, Asian fixins’ for a bahn mi hot dog, or marinara and cheese for a pizza dog. There are so many possibilities besides ketchup and relish!


Hot Dog on a Stick

Hot dog kebabs! Use wooden skewers threaded through a hot dog before wrapping each one with soft bread dough. These hot dogs on a stick from Delish look as good as they taste.


Hawaiian Club Dogs

Diced pineapple, bacon and green onions make for a sweet and savory salsa to spread all over a fresh-cooked hot dog. For a tropical version of your standard hot dog, try out Kraft’s recipe for Hawaiian club dog.


Dallas Dogs

Who needs a bun when there are so many more options! For this recipe for Dallas dogs from Betty Crocker, the dog is wrapped in flour tortillas that are paired with sliced green peppers and onions. Wrap the whole stuffed tortilla in bacon and seal it with a sliced jalapeno for a Southwestern spin on a hot dog.


Banh Mi Hot Dog

Asian-inspired hot dogs are all the rage right now. Bring the trendy restaurant dish home with this banh mi hot dog recipe from Eating Well. Mix up the Vietnamese topping of shredded carrots, cilantro and cucumbers to sprinkle on top of a hot dog with a squeeze of lime.


Pizza Dog

What could be better than adding one kid favorite to another – it’s the pizza dog from Real Simple. Spread marinara over the hot dog before adding mozzarella over the whole thing. Sprinkle with Italian seasoning and fresh basil for a match made in hog heaven!


Spaghetti Hot Dogs

Spaghetti threaded through hot dogs? It looks impossible, but it’s not when you use this recipe for spaghetti hot dogs from Ragu. Have your kids push the uncooked pasta through hot dog slices and then add them to boiling water. As the pasta cooks, the hot dogs do, too.


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