Microwave Meals, Recipes for Families

What do you do when you don’t want to heat up the house by turning on the oven – but you still want to make a meal for you family? Microwave it! Microwave meals have come a long way. Sure, you can still find pre-packaged meals to cook but you can also create dishes from scratch. For the simplest of recipes try making ham, mushroom and Swiss coffee cup scrambles or Dawn’s microwave quesadillas. Make ham and cheese hash browns for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Down home cooking is easy using a microwave, too, try rice pilaf, barbecue meatloaf, or chili-coated chicken. The best part of microwave cooking? Clean up is a breeze!

Ham, Mushroom and Swiss Coffee Cup Scramble

For a hearty snack or a quick, light dinner try these ham, mushroom and Swiss coffee cup scrambles from Mr. Food. Use cooking spray to coat a 12-ounce mug and then put in an egg, mushrooms and chopped ham. Microwave on high until cooked through and top with Swiss cheese. Serve with a salad to the side to make a meal.

Dawn’s Microwave Quesadillas

For a super quick dinner Dawn’s microwave quesadillas from My Happy Crazy Life use only two ingredients. Place the shredded cheese of your choice between two flour tortillas and then microwave until heated – and melted. Use a pizza cutter to make quesadilla wedges.

Ham and Cheese Hash Browns

Cook this ham and cheese hash browns casserole dish from Cooking Light by starting with frozen potatoes. Microwave the hash browns in chicken broth for several minutes. Top with chopped artichoke hearts, green onions, cut ham pieces, and then shredded cheese.

Microwave Rice Pilaf

Chopped onion, celery and green pepper go into the casserole dish first followed by quick-cooking rice and hot water flavored with chicken bouillon. Microwave the rice uncovered until tender. To make this dish a full meal, purchase a rotisserie chicken to go along with the microwave rice pilaf recipe from Taste of Home.

Microwave Barbecue Meatloaf

Who knew you could make a full meatloaf in the microwave? Mix ground beef or turkey with bread crumbs, finely chopped onions and green peppers, and other seasonings. Form into a loaf shape and heat on high. That’s all you need to make this microwave barbecue meatloaf from Kraft.

Microwave Chili-Coated Chicken

In a bag, place chicken pieces along with Bisquick mix, cornmeal, chili powder and paprika. Shake the bag to coat the chicken. Cook by turning the chicken pieces after several minutes. That’s all you need to make these microwave chili-coated chicken from Betty Crocker.


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