Muffin Recipes for Mother's Day

For kids who want to bake something for breakfast on Mother's Day, muffins are a great place to start. With most muffins the directions are easy enough for tweens to follow – or for you to oversee grade schoolers while they gather the ingredients and mix everything together. Even preschoolers can help put batter into the muffin papers. Kids can pair the muffins with a bowl of fresh fruit and orange juice for a mini-buffet that's a perfect way to greet mom in the morning. For healthy muffins, try out mighty muffins or orange bowl muffins. For something packed with berries, try out the awesome-est blueberry muffins or the lemon-raspberry muffins. For something decadent, reward mom with one bowl dark chocolate muffins. Now who's excited about Mother's Day?

The Simplest Muffins

Hands down this recipe for the simplest muffins from King Arthur Flour is the easiest around! What's great about this kid-ready-to-make recipe is it gives children options about what to add. They can get creative and mix in chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts – or all three! It's their choice with this basic recipe.

Lemon-Raspberry Muffins

These lemon-raspberry muffins from Eating Well have a big dose of citrusy zing. Your child can use a vegetable peeler to zest a lemon. Stir in fresh or frozen raspberries for a burst of berry! Just remind your kiddo not to thaw the raspberries before adding them – if they're frozen. Otherwise the muffins will probably end up pink. Then again, maybe your child wouldn't mind pink-streaked muffins.

Mighty Muffins for Mother's Day

You want to make sure mom is healthy, right? These mighty muffins for Mother's Day from Forks Over Knives are packed with nutritious ingredients like oat bran, grated apples, mashed bananas, walnuts and raisins. They're good-for-mom and tasty.

The Awesome-est Blueberry Muffins

Looking for the best blueberry muffin recipe? Found. The awesome-est blueberry muffins from The Pioneer Woman include a secret ingredient to keep them from drying out – plain yogurt. The muffins are dusted with sugar crystals before baking for a crunchy, sweet topping. Definitely awesome!

Orange Bowl Muffins

Forget the muffin papers with this fun recipe for orange bowl muffins from MyKidsEatSquid. Cut in half and then hollow out oranges before baking the muffin batter right inside! You can even use a muffin tin pan for the orange bowls.

One-Bowl Dark Chocolate Banana Muffins

Is mom a chocolate fan? What about dark chocolate? Then she's going to love these one-bowl dark chocolate banana muffins from Fork Knife Swoon. Mix cocoa powder into the batter for the first layer of chocolate and then top with plenty of mini-chocolate chips to finish off these rich muffins.


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