New Year’s Countdown Recipes for Kids

A New Year means it’s time to celebrate! Encourage your kids to get involved in the party planning by making these treats that help them countdown to the New Year. There’s so many different ways to make that countdown memorable. Skewer big, fluffy marshmallows and then write from 10 to 1 on the side (with edible ink!) – your child can chew her way into the New Year. You can also make cookies and frost them to look like clocks. Each of these kid-friendly treats will have your kids begging to countdown to 2014.


Edible Party Horns

Time to get messy. Your kids are bound to have chocolate everywhere when they dip ice cream cones into melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and then sprinkles. This recipe for edible party horns from Cooking with My Kids is fun to make – and eat.


Times Square Ball

Break out the aluminum foil! How cool is this idea from Spoonful for a Times Square ball?! Cover a cabbage with aluminum foil, then put frilly toothpicks through pieces of cheese. Poke these through aluminum foil muffin tins all over the cabbage to make this clever appetizer.


New Year’s Eve Marshmallows

Let your kids eat their way into 2014 with this idea for New Year’s Eve marshmallows from the Decorated Cookie. Stack marshmallows on a skewer and then write numbers on them using edible pens. When it comes to midnight – count down 10-9, then eat the marshmallow, 8-7, eat another marshmallow… you get the idea!


Countdown Cheesecake

Slice into the New Year with this countdown cheesecake recipe from the Taste of Home. Make a graham cracker crust and fill it with a mixture of cream cheese, sugar and whipped topping. Red decorating gel completes the clock look. And the arrows for the clock hands? Strawberries.


Countdown to New Year’s Cookies

Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and fun frosting to create these countdown to New Year’s cookies from Michael’s. Add gel coloring to royal icing to make your kids’ favorite frosting shades. The best part? You can make them into lollipops.


New Year’s Clock Cookies

Here’s another version of countdown treats. These New Year’s clock cookies from CandiQuik start with a cocoa cookie base. Then the cookies are covered with a peppermint buttercream icing, followed by a chocolate candy coating. Use white candy coating to make the time. Chocolate, buttercream and chocolate – sounds like a great way to welcome the New Year.


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