Non-Chocolate Pink Treats for Valentine’s Day

Not everyone is a chocolate fan (really!). For Valentine’s Day this year why not try something new – make treats that are all about pink, instead of chocolate? These recipes use pink in creative ways to craft cool treats that will make your kiddos feel special. Even better, your kids can make these easy pink goodies with you. For those with a super sweet tooth, try the pretty-in-pink strawberry cupcakes or strawberry cream cheese cookies tarts. And you won’t need your oven for the strawberry fudge, raspberry coconut Snoball cookies or pretty-in-pink chewy granola bars. Look through these ideas with your kids to see which pink recipe you want to try together first.

Pretty-in-Pink Strawberry Cupcakes

For sweets bursting with berry flavor, try these pretty-in-pink cupcakes from Delish. There’s gelatin in the cake mix. That’s right – use white cake mix and add in strawberry gelatin along with finely chopped strawberries to get just the right hue. Add whipped strawberry frosting to each one and, of course, a strawberry slice as garnish.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookie Tarts

Press sugar cookie balls into the bottoms of a muffin tray and then bake to make the mini-bowls for these strawberry cream cheese cookies tarts from Betty Crocker. Fill each one with strawberry cream cheese spread and then cover with pink icing. Let your kids finish each one with a few heart-shaped sprinkles.

Pretty-in-Pink Chewy Granola Bars

Pink goes healthy with this pretty-in-pink chewy granola bars recipe from Skinny Muffin. Put together these wholesome oatmeal-filled bars that also have a hint of sweetness courtesy of pink chocolate-coated candies.

Strawberry Fudge

There’s only two ingredients in this strawberry fudge from Cookies & Cups. Melt white chocolate chips and add in a can of strawberry frosting. Pour the mixture into a greased 9-inch by 9-inch pan and you’re done! Your child can add in swirls for a more decorative look – and if you have sprinkles on hand, add those too!

No-Bake Raspberry Coconut Snoball Cookies

Time to get rolling! Mini, edible snowballs, that is. These no-bake raspberry coconut Snoball cookies from NamelyMarly taste decadent but they’re full of good-for-your-kids ingredients like coconut milk, almonds, oatmeal and more. The pink color comes from mixing together raspberry Jell-O and coconut.

Old-Fashioned Pink Popcorn

A few drop of red food coloring is all you need to give this old-fashioned pink popcorn recipe from Cooking Classy its trademark color. The popcorn is bathed in a sweet concoction of corn syrup, half and half, and sugar that hardens when cooled. Idea: Make big batches and then place in clear bags to give out as gifts.


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