Oatmeal Recipes for Breakfast

Is it hard to convince your kids to take time for breakfast – especially a good-for-them breakfast? These kid-friendly oatmeal recipes are perfect for tempting your kids to eat their grains. Oats happen to top the list when it comes to nutritious breakfasts. They’re known for lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes, even cutting your kid’s risk of developing asthma. And that’s just a partial list of their health benefits. To convince your kids to eat their oats, try out the recipe for raspberry cheesecake oatmeal (it just sounds like a dessert – but it’s breakfast!). Or let them eat on the run by making super oatmeal muffins or chewy whole-wheat oatmeal cookies.


Raspberry Cheesecake Oatmeal

This breakfast dish almost tastes like dessert! But don’t feel guilty eating this raspberry cheesecake oatmeal from Fitness Magazine. The oatmeal is topped with cream cheese, which has been spiked with powdered sugar and lemon juice, then swirled with a spoonful of raspberry preserves.


Oatmeal Fruit Smoothies

You don’t need to eat your oatmeal in a bowl! Drink it through a straw. This recipe for oatmeal fruit smoothies from the Whole Grains Council includes oatmeal, honey, dried cranberries and apples. Make this recipe your own by mixing in some of your kids’ favorite add-ins like a sprinkle of cinnamon or a banana.


Overnight Oatmeal

Creamy oatmeal is a snap to make with this overnight oatmeal recipe from Whole Foods. Mix equal parts oatmeal and milk together. Add lemon zest, vanilla, pecans, sliced fruit and a drizzle of agave nectar or honey. Mix up your oatmeal the night before and the next morning breakfast is ready!


Baked Oatmeal

Here’s a new way to do your oatmeal – in the oven. This baked oatmeal from Epicurious makes feeding your whole family a healthy breakfast, simple. Layer plenty of fruit into the oatmeal for an extra burst of flavor.


Super Oatmeal Muffins

Do your kids need a grab ‘n go breakfast? What about super oatmeal muffins from And Then We Saved? These simple muffins have only a few ingredients and are so easy to make your kids can help you mix them up!


Triple Chocolate Bomb Oatmeal Muffins

Yes, there is oatmeal in these muffins, but it sure doesn’t taste like it! These rich triple chocolate bomb oatmeal muffins from Quaker include semi-sweet and white chocolate chips for a blast of sweetness.


Chewy Whole-Wheat Oatmeal Cookies

There’s a secret behind these chewy whole-wheat oatmeal cookies from MyKidsEatSquid. You soak the raisins (or another type of dried fruit) in whipped eggs drenched in vanilla. These cookies are delicious and they’re good for you. Now who wants cookies for breakfast?


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