Pigs in a Blanket Recipe Ideas for Families

Pigs in a blanket have reached nearly iconic proportions in the United States. The idea is simple – wrap a hot dog or sausage in some kind of bread and then bake. The recipe may seem ordinary but your kids’ reactions will be anything but! Watch plates of mini versions, like Hillshire Farms’ lit’l smokies pigs in a blanket disappear in minutes. Or, make them melty with a cheesy pigs in a blanket recipe. Go gourmet by trying pizza pigs in a blanket or pigs in a pancake muffin. Even better, these recipes are a great way to get your kids in the kitchen since they’re easy enough for them to help from start to finish!

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Lit’l Smokies Pigs In a Blanket

For the classic version, there’s no better recipe than Hillshire Farms pigs in a blanket using lit’l smokies. Wrap the small sausages in refrigerator crescent dough before popping them into the oven. The sausage crisps in the oven as the dough becomes golden brown and kid-pleasing perfect.

4-Year-Old Paper Dress Fashion

Crescent Dogs

Forget buns. Instead, snuggle full-sized dogs in refrigerated crescent rolls but not before making a horizontal slit and tucking a slice of American cheese inside. Bake these cheesy crescent dogs from Pillsbury in 12 minutes and that’s it. You’ll have a whole tray of hot dogs ready to feed hungry kiddos.

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Cheesy Pigs in a Blanket

Here’s another recipe for cheesy pigs in a blanket from Kraft. American cheese gets an upgrade to mozzarella for some seriously stringy results. Serve the dogs with a side of fruit and fun dipping sauces like bacon ranch dressing or honey mustard.

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Pigs in a Pancake Muffin

Bring piggies to the breakfast table with this fun recipe for pigs in a pancake muffin from Recipes from My Kitchen. First, cook up a few sausage patties. Then, whip up a pancake batter using Bisquick mix as the base. Fill the muffin tins 3/4 full before carefully adding a patty to each one. After baking, lace each muffin with a bit of maple syrup.

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Pizza Pigs in Blankets

An American classic meets some Italian inspiration. Cook Italian sausages through before breaking out refrigerated pizza dough. Cut the dough into strips and then brush generously with olive oil spiked with herbs and then shredded Parmesan cheese. Once cooked, these pizza pigs in a blanket from The Food Network just beg to be dunked into marinara sauce. Go right ahead!

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Pigs in Blankets

Even Martha Stewart likes to bake up a tray of little piggies. Of course, Stewart’s recipe for pigs in blankets has gourmet touches that take the down-home variety to the next level. Use fully cooked Andouille or chicken sausages first and then roll each one in puff pastry. Brush the pastry dough lightly with a beaten egg then sprinkle with toppings like poppy seeds and sea salt. These are some classy dogs!


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