Polish Food Recipes: Pierogies for Kids

For the ultimate in hand-held food, introduce your kids to pierogi. These dumplings hail from Poland and by some accounts date back to the 13th century. Most pierogi are made simply with a thin, eggy dough folded over a filling. Traditional fillings included ground meat, sauerkraut, potatoes and mushrooms. But over the centuries, pierogi fillings have grown to include a list of savory and sweet ingredients. You can try out some of these ideas for yourself with these Polish food recipes – just like the cottage cheese pierogies, farmer’s cheese pierogi, or seared garlic chicken pierogi. If you’re crunched for time, consider making the easy pierogi casserole. And don’t forget pierogi’s sugary side! Have your kids help you make sweet dessert pierogi with strawberry sauce. Once you’ve found your favorite pierogi dough recipe, make up some of your own fillings.

Homemade Pierogi

Starting with a stiff, smooth dough, this recipe for homemade pierogi from King Arthur Flour keeps the dumplings simple. The dough is rolled and filled with mashed potatoes mixed with shredded, sharp cheddar cheese.

Cottage Cheese Perogies

With a light filling of pillowy cheese, these cottage cheese perogies from All Recipes are scrumptious served plain. But if you want to dress them up, drizzle melted butter over them or pair them with a dollop of sour cream.

Farmer’s Cheese Pierogi

Skip a trip to the restaurant and make up these farmer’s cheese pierogi from Rugby Grille’s chef Drew Sayes who shared them with HOUR Detroit. Sayes suggests sautéing wild mushrooms with sour cream and horseradish to serve over the boiled dumplings.

Seared Garlic Chicken Pierogi

Pump up the filling flavor with this seared garlic chicken pierogi recipe from Delish. Boneless, skinless chicken gets a gentle infusion of garlic while cooking in olive oil. Chop up the chicken to mix with mashed potatoes to use as the filling for your pierogi.

Easy Pierogi Casserole

No time to roll out pierogi dough? No problem. This recipe for easy pierogi casserole from Kraft includes all of the traditional ingredients except it cooks in one dish. Layer mashed potatoes, cream cheese and bacon bits between lasagna noodles. Then sit back and watch as your family gathers around the kitchen, drawn by the aroma of baking pierogi.

Sweet Dessert Pierogi with Strawberry Sauce

Serve pierogi for dinner – and dessert. Follow My Gourmet Connection’s directions for sweet dessert pierogi with strawberry sauce for something decadent and unique. Stir together ricotta cheese, lemon juice, eggs and sugar as the filling for these decadent pierogi. Finish off the cooked dumplings with a sauce made from fresh strawberries and orange zest.


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