Popcorn Treats for Halloween

October marks the beginning of fall, the Halloween holiday – and National Popcorn Poppin’ Month! Combine all three elements into tasty treats for your kids. You can make spooky goodies like white chocolate popcorn skulls, witchy popcorn balls, or Halloween candy corn popcorn hands. Then again, keep it simple by decorating popcorn balls into jack-‘o-lanterns or Halloween popcorn balls with candy corn. These treat ideas are great for passing out at class parties or even to trick-or-treaters. Then again, you can make an assortment of popcorn creations and have a buffet of Halloween goodies. Who’s ready for Halloween?


Halloween Popcorn Balls

These gooey Halloween popcorn balls from The Pioneer Woman start with popping the kernels with a little bit of sugar. Once popped, mix in melted marshmallows. The final ingredients – peanuts and candy corn.


White Chocolate Popcorn Skull

You’ll need a skull mold to make this white chocolate popcorn skull from Hungry Happenings – but it’s worth it for the ghoulish final Halloween masterpiece. Or, you can work with your kids to make the shape on your own. Melted white chocolate holds the popcorn together. Use melted black chocolate for the eyes, nose and mouth.


Halloween Popcorn Treats

These Halloween popcorn treats from The Food Network are put together almost like Rice Krispies Treats. First, you stir melted marshmallows in with the popped corn and then press into a dish. Add toppings like candy pieces, crumbled chocolate chip cookies and almonds. Once the popcorn treats are dry, break them into pieces to serve to hungry, happy kids.


Jack-o’-Lantern Popcorn Balls

Forget carving pumpkins – instead create them with orange-colored popcorn balls and candies. These jack-o’-lantern popcorn balls from Taste of Home are fun to make. Use candy spearmint leaves and cut up chocolate to fashion a face. Kid creativity required!


Witchy Popcorn Balls

Turn regular popcorn into spooky treats with these witchy popcorn balls from The Popcorn Board. Mix lime gelatin with melted marshmallows and then into popcorn. Form balls and then decorate with a chocolate wafer as the base and a chocolate ice cream cone as the witch’s hat. And the nose? Candy corn, of course.


Halloween Candy Corn Popcorn Hands

Creep your kids out with these Halloween candy corn popcorn hands from Yummy Healthy Easy. Here’s how to put them together: Put one candy corn into the end of the fingertips of clear, disposable gloves and then fill it the rest of the way with popcorn. Tie the wrist end with twine. Finish the look with a plastic, spider ring.


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