Celebrate Presidents Day with These Children’s Books

Teach the kids about the role of the U.S. President and how important it is with these books.

President’s Day is around the corner, so why not invest in a few educational books that teach your kids why they have the day off in the first place? Because it’s not all about blowout sales at the stores! The following books are not only clever and colorful, but they’re also celebratory of the rich history of our founding fathers.

P is for President by Wendy Cheyette Lewison

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  • Best for ages: 3-5

What is a president? What is their job? Learn and see what it takes to be the big guy in charge. The big question is, do you have what it takes to be in charge one day? Dream big, kids!

This Little President by Joan Holub

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  • Best for ages: 3-5

This presidential primer is short and sweet for the littlest readers. It highlights the first 10 presidents in a bright and colorful way and features 44 presidents (presidents 45 and 46 hadn’t been elected at the time of publication) on the final page.

My Little Golden Book about Abraham Lincoln by Bonnie Bader

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  • Best for ages: 2-5

This year, Presidents Day falls just one day after the birthday of one of the country’s most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln. Teach your little ones all about Honest Abe — beginning with his love of reading — with this bright, charming picture book.

Madam President by Lane Smith

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  • Best for ages: 4-8

Imagine what it would be like to be the woman in charge for just one day. With so many big responsibilities like kissing babies, photo ops, vetos to impose and other executive orders … it’s a big day and big shoes to fill!

Ellie May on Presidents’ Day by Hillary Homzie

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  • Best for ages: 6-9

Ellie May is a fearless second grader who continues to be passed over for flag leader duty month after month. She tries to gain attention by taking on the characteristics of certain presidents — grit, humor, curiosity, diligence and more. She finds that displaying patience and honesty (like Mr. Lincoln) go a long way to be chosen.

The Eye That Never Sleeps by Marissa Moss

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  • Best for ages: 6-9

Aimed at early elementary-aged readers, the book is beautifully illustrated and describes how Allan Pinkerton thwarted an assassination attempted against Abraham Lincoln in 1861. The Pinkerton Agency was born in Chicago by Pinkerton, himself a Scottish immigrant. For kids who like a good spy story, this tells one of the men who helped Lincoln start the Secret Service.

If I Ran for President by Catherine Stier

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  • Best for ages: 4-8

Campaign promises, bumper stickers, and promotional T-shirts, oh my! There’s a lot of publicity  that comes with running for office, but has your little one ever thought about what it really takes to become president? This picture book will teach your aspiring politician about campaign platforms, running mates, debates and more through the lenses young children who dream big about what  their presidential campaign would look like.

The Little Book of Presidential Elections by Zack Bush

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  • Best for ages: 6-10

This handy guide is filled with adorable illustrations and information about the presidential election process that is accessible to a wide age range of curious kids. Help your child learn about voting, democracy and the step-by-step process of electing a president while giving yourself a refresher, too!

Grover Cleveland, Again!: A Treasury of American Presidents by Ken Burns

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  • Best for ages: 10 and up

Documentarian writer Ken Burns wrote this book for his daughters as a tribute to their nightly routine to chronically name off each president. Hence the name “Grover Cleveland, Again!” Each entry is complete with unique stories, tidbits and more to truly provide a great mini-encyclopedia for young minds.

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