Slider Recipes for Fathers Day

Treat dad right on Father's Day – and beyond – with these yummy mini-sandwiches. Get six slider recipes for Father's Day here!

Make large hamburgers can be overwhelming for little chefs – and little fingers. But sliders are just the right size for kids to put together. And they’re fun to eat, too. Once hard to find, slider buns are now available at most grocery stores. You can also make your own using refrigerated dough or even dinner rolls.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to what you want to add inside the buns. For the full flavor of a regular hamburger packed into a small sandwich, try the ultimate sliders or bacon and cheddar sliders. For more of a mini-sandwich vibe, go for sloppy Joe sliders or cheesesteak sliders. Take a look out at these slider recipes below for the perfect meal for dad.

Photo via Serious Eats

The Ultimate Sliders

This recipe for the ultimate sliders from Serious Eats keeps things simple – no special spices or unusual ingredients. Instead the seasoning comes from diced onions that are sautéed until soft so their natural sweetness comes through. Then, cook the hamburger patties on top of the onions to infuse the meat with flavor.

Photo via My Recipes

Bacon and Cheddar Sliders

Beef loves bacon – and so do dads. Follow the recipe for bacon and cheddar sliders from My Recipes to make these restaurant-worthy mini burgers at home. Once you’re done cooking the burgers, throw the cut buns quickly on the grill to toast them to crispy perfection.

Photo via Martha Stewart

Sloppy Joe Sliders

Don’t let dad’s sliders get soggy! Martha Stewart’s sloppy Joe sliders recipe includes just the right amount of sauce to give the meat a tangy tomato punch but not so much that it’s dripping. Pair hearty potato rolls with the sloppy job mixture.

Photo via Rachael Ray

Cheesesteak Sliders

Who needs a big sandwich when you can have several bite-sized ones that still include all the same ingredients? These cheesesteak sliders from Rachael Ray are packed with strips of beef along with sautéed peppers and onions. The finishing touch? Melted provolone cheese.

Photo via Taste of Home

Hot Dog Sliders

These hot dog sliders from Taste of Home are easy for little chefs to put together. They can use refrigerated bread dough to make the buns. Brush each one with an egg-water mixture and then top with poppy and caraway seeds before baking. To keep things simple, you can buy premade buns instead.

Photo via The Pioneer Woman

Grilled Chicken Bacon Sliders

Sliders don’t have to include beef. These grilled chicken bacon sliders from The Pioneer Woman are coated with Cajun seasoning before cooking. On the grill add cooked bacon and then cheese – the Pioneer Woman suggests pepper-jack for an added kick. For even more heat, she also drizzles each sandwich with hot sauce. Have a glass of milk ready for dad to pair with these spicy sliders!

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This post was originally published in 2015 and is updated regularly. 


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