S’mores Recipes for Families

You don't need a campfire to enjoy the ultimate graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate combination. Try one of these s'mores recipes for a sweet treat!

So how did s’mores get their name? Maybe you already know the answer: it stands for some more. Even though s’mores were most likely a campfire treat long before the recipe was ever published, the Girls Scouts get the credit for making s’mores “official.” They included a recipe for them in a 1927 cookbook. And the rest is history. Today, the simple mix of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows is a summertime must.

Now you can make the campfire version, or try out some fun, tasty recipes that capture the flavor in everything from fudge to cookies to cakes.

S’mores Dip

Forget individual pieces – with this s’mores dip recipe from Real Mom Kitchen, sharing s’mores becomes part of the fun. Microwave sweetened condensed milk with chocolate chips for one minute. Stir. Dollop with spoonfuls of marshmallow crème and serve with graham crackers for dipping.

S’mores Snack Cake

Start this recipe by stirring together the ingredients for chocolate cake mix. Bake for 20 minutes and then sprinkle first with graham cracker crumbs (let the kids crush these for you!). Then add mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Cook for 10 more minutes and you’re done with this s’mores snack cake from Alida’s Kitchen.

Toasted Marshmallow S’mores Bars

Crush graham crackers and then mix with sugar cookie mix along with butter. Use the batter to line a 13-by-9 inch pan and cook for 20 minutes. Next, cover with three cups milk chocolate chips. Use a kitchen knife to spread the chocolate. Final step? Add miniature marshmallows and broil quickly. Serve up these toasted marshmallow s’mores Bars from Betty Crocker to smiles all around.

S’mores Cookies

This clever recipe for s’mores cookies from The Girl Who Ate Everything has graham crackers as the base. Make a chocolate chip cookie batter spotted with miniature marshmallows. Roll the dough into balls and top each graham cracker with one. Bake and watch how the cookie batter spreads to become the perfect cookie version of your kids’ favorite snack.

S’mores Cupcakes

Line cupcake papers with crushed graham crackers seeped in melted butter to make these s’more cupcakes from Bakerella. Bake briefly and add a handful of chopped chocolate. Pour chocolate batter into the cupcakes and cook. Whip egg whites with sugar to form a thick meringue. Add the meringue frosting to each cupcake and bake one more time.

S’mores Pie

Campfire classic becomes pedestal-worthy dessert – that’s the idea behind this s’mores pie from How Sweet It Is. Besides a graham cracker crust, the pie has a gooey, chocolatey center. Top with large marshmallows and broil until just crisped.

S’mores Fudge

Part brownie, part chocolate, this s’mores fudge recipe from It Bakes Me Happy literally melts in your mouth. For the fudge, layer graham crackers on the bottom of a casserole dish. Melt chocolate together with evaporated milk, butter and sugar – and swirl in marshmallow crème. Cut into small pieces once the fudge is firm. You might want to make a double batch of these chocolatey treats!

S’mores Cupcakes

Turn regular cupcakes into a campfire-worthy treat with these s’mores cupcakes from Spoonful of Flavor. Start by making a crust with graham cracker crumbs, add chocolate cake and finish off with marshmallow frosting. A quick trip to the oven makes the frosting look like it’s been right next to the fire.

S’mores Cheesecake

How about this modern twist on a classic dessert? A s’mores cheesecake from Betty Crocker walks you through step-by-step how to make this decadent cheesecake.

S’mores Cookies

Break out the Hershey’s chocolate bars! You’re going to need them for this recipe for s’mores cookies from Cookies and Cups. The chocolate bars are chopped up and mixed into the cookie dough – add a marshmallow and more chocolate on top of the cookie before baking. S’more perfection!

Quick Pretzel S’mores

Need to make s’mores in a hurry? Here’s an idea: Put stick pretzels into jumbo marshmallows and then dip in melted chocolate. Roll in crushed graham crackers for a quick treat. You can make big batches of these to feed a crowd – fast. Find the full directions for quick pretzel s’mores at MyKidsEatSquid.

S’mores Cake

Graham cracker crumbs get mixed into a chocolate cake batter to make this yummy s’mores cake from i heart eating. When the cake is just out of the oven, top with marshmallow crème, then chocolate chips and big marshmallows. Broil for a few minutes to give the marshmallows a crisp outer crust.

Main photo from Spoonful of Flavor

This article was originally published in 2013 and has been updated.


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