Sundae Funday: Awesome Recipes

Every week needs more sundaes! Celebrate a great meal, birthday or just up the "cool factor" of any family gathering by scooping up a dessert treat. Blue Bunny Ice Cream, a family owned national ice cream maker, offers southeast Michigan parents a little inspiration with five creative combos sure to put smiles on your kids’ faces.

S’Mores Dippers


  • 1/2 cup marshmallow creme
  • 1 tsp. half-and-half or milk
  • 2 Tbsp. graham cracker crumbs
  • 1 Tbsp. red, white and blue cookie sprinkles
  • 4 mini sundae cones (like Blue Bunny Champ! Chocolate Swirl)


  1. In a small microwave-safe bowl, combine marshmallow creme and half-and-half. Microwave on high 20 seconds or until mixture just starts to puff; stir until blended. Cool for 3 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, in another small bowl, combine graham cracker crumbs and colored sprinkles; stir. Dip cones into marshmallow mixture then into graham cracker mixture. Serve immediately. Additional cones may be used to use the remaining graham cracker and marshmallow mixtures. Makes 4 servings.

Strawberry-Kiwi Passion Sundaes


  • 1/2 cup sliced fresh strawberries
  • 2 tsp. sugar
  • 1/4 tsp. grated orange peel
  • 1 medium kiwi, peeled
  • 2 personal-sized strawberry ice cream servings (like Blue Bunny Personals Premium Double Strawberry)
  • 4 tsp. chopped white chocolate
  • 2 tsp. sliced almonds


  1. In a small bowl, combine strawberries, sugar and orange peel; gently mix.
  2. Slice kiwi lengthwise into quarters then slice into bite-sized pieces; gently fold into strawberries. Set aside 10 minutes to form juice.
  3. Top each strawberry ice cream serving with half the strawberry-kiwi mixture. Sprinkle each with 2 teaspoons white chocolate and 1 teaspoon almonds. Serve immediately. Makes 2 servings.

Sand Bucket Sundaes


  • 4 cups caramel-praline frozen yogurt (like Blue Bunny Caramel Praline Crunch)
  • 1/2 cup butterscotch-caramel ice cream topping, at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup cinnamon graham cracker crumbs
  • Gummy sea-shaped candies (optional)
  • Sea shell-shaped chocolate candies
  • 2 small pails or buckets (about 2 cups in size), washed


  1. In each bucket, layer 1 cup frozen yogurt, 2 tablespoons butterscotch-caramel topping and 2 tablespoons cinnamon graham cracker crumbs. Repeat the layers ending with graham cracker crumbs.
  2. Dessert may be eaten immediately or frozen at least one hour. If eating immediately, decorate with gummy and chocolate candies. If freezing, decorate just before serving. Makes 8 servings.

Triple Chocolate Cake Sundae



  1. In a small microwave-safe bowl, combine half-and-half and white chocolate. Microwave on high, 30 seconds; stir until chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth. Heat an additional 10 seconds if not melted.
  2. Cover and refrigerate until thickened* to a medium sauce; about 50 minutes. Gently fold in 1/4 cup raspberries.
  3. Place ice cream into four serving bowls. Top each with a scant 2 tablespoons white chocolate-raspberry sauce and about 4 fresh raspberries. Makes 4 servings.

*Notes: If sauce thickens too much during refrigeration, re-warm slightly in microwave; about 10 seconds.

Campfire Sundaes


  • 4 chewy chocolate chunk granola bars
  • 4 1/2-cup scoops of peanut butter ice cream (like Blue Bunny Premium Peanut Butter Panic)
  • 4 Tbsp. butterscotch-caramel ice cream topping
  • 16 pieces candy corn


  1. Cut granola bars in half lengthwise and then in half widthwise, forming 4 pieces.
  2. For each sundae, arrange four granola bar pieces on a small plate to form "wood logs." Top with one scoop ice cream, one tablespoon butterscotch-caramel topping and four candy corn "flames." Serve immediately. Makes 4 servings.


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