Super Quick Family Breakfast Recipes

Tick tock! Daylight Savings Time is around the bend here in southeast Michigan (whither winter, eh?) – kicking off at 2 a.m. this Sunday, for all you diligent night-owl families out there in metro Detroit.

Now. We’re sure you’ll remember to spring those clocks forward before you hit the hay Saturday (consider this Metro Parent’s official PSA!). But just in case you don’t – or, heck, if you just wanna whip up a yummy Sunday breakfast without wasting any more of that precious time you lost! – you’ve come to the right place.

Our pinch-hitter menu of seven delish dishes delivers unique spins in a dash (about 10 minutes, give or take). From eggs, rice and bagels to smoothies and parfaits, find a fun recipe that’ll put the bounce back in your step.


Bagels Gone Bananas

Skip the monkeying around with this five-minute wonder from Eating Well. Slather some sort of nut butter (peanut’s just dandy) on a sliced bagel; then top it with a bit ‘o honey, salt if you like and, of course, sliced bananas. It’ll feed two people in a hurry.


Pizza Topped Scrambled Eggs

No leftover Little Caesars from last night? No problem. Jazz up a pile of quick-to-whip-up scrambled eggs with a blob of pizza sauce, mini pepperoni rounds and some shredded mozzarella in this nifty creation from Incredible Egg. Nuke the final pile briefly for a warm dinner-inspired breakfast.


Spinach Smoothie

When it comes to grab-and-go meals, smoothies are super stars. Really, any assortment of berries, yogurt and ice will do. But this one caught our eye for going the veggie route. Surplus greens like spinach or kale meet up with blueberries, banana and a bit of milk to create this unexpected breakfast.


Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Swoon meets drool in this killer dessert-reminiscent deal from Kath Eats Real Food (this gal’s a registered dietician, so she’s got health in mind!). It’s a mash-up of carrots, mango, coconut and pecans – topped with an “icing” of Greek yogurt and maple syrup. Slow down for seconds if you can.


Rice, Rice Breakfast

The panic is palpable in this awesome Instructables recipe: “You woke up late! You ran out of cereal! Pancakes will take too long! Must eat breakfast!” Well, if you’ve got leftover cooked brown rice handy, this dish is your ace in the hole. Just add water or milk, butter or margarine and powdered sweetener.


Morning Glory Parfait

What’s the story? Three ingredients, 200 calories – and one incredible wake-up. The Running with Cake blog delivers this delicious mix of blueberry Greek yogurt, chopped walnuts and fresh blueberries. Toss it in a glass cup (or plastic, for that matter; prettiness is low priority here, people) and chow down.


Berry Breakfast Crisp

Bonus for creativity on this savory finish, which promises a single serving in just about five minutes. Savvy Eats blogger Julie gets clever with rolled oats (she swears by tossing them in a min processor first), brown sugar, mange syrup, a bit of oil and fruit – fresh or frozen. Mix, microwave, much and get a move on!


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