Top Food Trends for 2016

What will you start seeing popping up at your local grocery store – and in the trendy restaurant you frequent downtown? Each year the National Restaurant Association makes predictions for what will be hot in the food world. Some of their finds won’t be a real surprise. For example, kale has had its day. That’s right: The dark, leafy superfood has several other vegetables vying for the nutrition powerhouse title this year – do you know which one they’re predicting as the winner for 2016? Keep reading for that answer along with other top food trends that will be coming to a dinner table near you.

Bread is back!

So declares the Food Network in picking out the top trends that will be making you hungry this year. Going carb-free is over – now it’s time to embrace the bread.

Dinner at Your Doorstop

Here’s another prediction from the chefs behind the Food Network: More families are going to be having food, including fresh ingredients, sent right to their door. Shipping food will become the norm. Delivery outlets like Blue Apron and Door-to-Door Organics are likely to become mainstays.

Uncommon Meats & Seafood

Expect to find uncommon meats and seafood says a report on Whole Foods’ culinary forecast for the year as reported in The Business Insider. T-bone pork chops, sirloin tops and Denver steaks will share the stage with London broil and pork tenderloin.

Cuban Cuisine

What will be the hot new flavor of 2016? Cuban cuisine, proclaims Food Business News. Think of flavors like coconut flan, ropa vieja, arroz on pollo, and, of course, Cuban sandwiches.

Pickled Vegetables

Slow soaked and sour pickled vegetables like these from Bon Appetit is saying it’s not just pickles but other vegetables like beets and radishes that will get bottled.

African Cuisine

Another prediction from the folks in the restaurant business: Besides Cuban flavors, the other ethnic cuisine that will make a splash this year will be African food.  Hearty stews, lentil sides and African flat bread like chapati may become more familiar family fare.


So what’s the new superfood everyone will be talking about in 2016? Kale is out and seaweed is in, notes CNBC. Rich in nutrients like fiber, antioxidants and more, it’s no wonder seaweed is taking center stage. Getting your kids to eat it? That might be a little tougher.


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