Trail Mix Recipe Ideas for Travel Snacks

Going on a long car ride or a last-minute weekend getaway? Then plan on bringing plenty of trail or travel mixes as snacks. Keep it basic by making a popcorn trail mix or a peanut and dried fruit snack mix. For kids who like a little more flavor, try the sweet ‘n salty snack mix or the spicy ranch Goldfish snack mix. For something fun and clever, you can put together the dirt and worms Chex Mix or cracker salad in ice cream cones. These trail mix recipe ideas will keep your kids going all day long!

Popcorn Trail Mix

Heat up a bag of microwave popcorn to start this recipe for popcorn trail mix from Orville Redenbacher’s. Melt together butter and honey and toss in sunflower kernels. Pour the honey combo over popcorn along with low-fat granola, quick-cooking oats, cranberries and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Sweet ‘n Salty Snack Mix

To start this recipe for sweet ‘n salty snack mix from Land-O-Lakes, stir together corn snacks, wheat cereal, pretzels and pecans. In a saucepan, melt together sugar, butter, corn syrup and a touch of salt. Add a dash of baking soda and vanilla. Coat your mix with the syrup. Once cool, add in candy-coated pieces. Mmm.

Spicy Ranch Goldfish Snack Mix

Kids love Goldfish. Pump up the flavor by pairing plain and cheddar goldfish with a buttery mixture of ranch dressing mix, dried dill and Worcestershire sauce. Toss in some pecan halves for crunch. This spicy ranch Goldfish snack mix from Tidy Mom is the great for keeping little people satisfied until you can find a place for dinner.

Peanut and Dried Fruit Snack Mix

Grab a box of corn puff cereal to make this peanut and dried fruit snack mix from Sunset. After you pour out a big bowl of the cereal, stir in dried fruit pieces and Spanish peanuts. Coat the mix with a hint of spiciness by heating together oil, salt and cinnamon to add in to the rest of the ingredients.

Dirt and Worms Chex Mix

Here’s a cool way to add another layer of chocolatey goodness to snack mix. Melt butter and chocolate instant pudding together and then stir into Chocolate Chex cereal. Next? Add chopped pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies and gummy worm candies. That’s it to create this dirt and worms Chex Mix from Betty Crocker that will have your kids giggling in the back of the car.

Cracker Salad in Ice Cream Cones

For a clever way to serve up snack mix, use ice cream cones. LaJolla Mom suggests crackers, dried cranberries and walnuts tucked inside to make these cracker salad in ice cream cones. Of course, you can fill the cones with just about anything. The best part? Your kids can eat the snack container when they’re done!


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