Turkey Sandwich Recipes and Ideas

Turkey sandwiches on the day after Thanksgiving are nearly as traditional as having the entire roast bird on the big holiday. Moist, tender turkey can be paired with a variety of different sauces, cheeses and sliced veggies to prepare hearty sandwiches. To make the most of all your leftovers, try the open-faced hot turkey sandwich that's drenched in gravy. Mix shredded turkey with mayo to create turkey salad sandwiches. Use turkey in place of pork for pulled barbecue sandwiches. What about giving turkey a spicy kick by making either turkey taco wedges or turkey banh mi? These are the kind of sandwiches that will have you – and your kids – wishing you had more leftover turkey.

Hot Turkey Sandwich

Capture all the flavors of your Thanksgiving meal with this recipe for a hot turkey sandwich from Simple Recipes. First, sauté turkey slices in leftover gravy. Meanwhile, slice a thick piece of rustic bread and place it on your plate. Pour the turkey gravy mixture over the bread for a yummy open-faced sandwich you'll need to eat with a fork.

Turkey Salad Sandwich

Start this recipe for a turkey salad sandwich from A Family Feast by making the sauce. In a bowl, whisk together mayonnaise, seasonings, and finely minced celery and onions. The key ingredient? A little bit of brown sugar. Next, comes the shredded turkey. Add big scoops of the mayo-turkey combo onto sliced ciabatta bread.

Barbecue Pulled Turkey Sandwiches

Cook up your own sauce for this barbecue pulled turkey sandwich recipe from Bon Appetit. Tomato puree, apple cider vinegar, dark brown sugar, chili powder and cumin go into the homemade barbecue sauce. Stir shredded, cooked turkey in next and then use to fill soft, yeasty sandwich rolls.

Taco Turkey Wedges

Infuse roast turkey with southwest seasonings to create these taco turkey wedges from Betty Crocker. The sandwich spread is a mixture of mayonnaise, sour cream and taco seasoning. Split a 10-inch round focaccia loaf and spread the mixture inside. Cut into wedges and serve a toothpick stuck into each one. Top the toothpick with a whole, pitted olive.

Turkey Reubens

Break out the rye bread! Put together these turkey Reubens from Real Simple by spreading a mixture of Dijon mustard and Russian salad dressing on slices of rye bread. Then add in the turkey along with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. Grill the sandwiches to melt the cheese and the other ingredients perfectly together.

Turkey Banh Mi

This turkey banh mi from Martha Stewart is a traditional Vietnamese sandwich. Mix turkey pieces with mayonnaise and Sriracha sauce. Place the sauced turkey into a baguette and top with thinly sliced cucumber and grated carrot. Add a sprinkling of cilantro and you've got one fresh-tasting meal.


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