Valentine’s Day Cookies Recipes for the Family

Cookie pops, sweetheart cookies and more yummy recipes to try for Valentine's Day this year.

Sweets for the sweet! On Valentine’s Day, try one of these valentine cookies recipe ideas as a special treat for your family.

Better yet, why not make them all for a plateful of yummy surprises? Tempt those taste buds with some of the delicious finds we scouted around the web, including some sure-to-become-favorites by Martha Stewart, Taste of Home, Joy of Baking and oodles more to love.

Heart-Shaped Cookie Pops

Create quick, fun heart-shaped cookie pops from Pillsbury using only three ingredients. Fashion heart-shaped cookies out of readymade dough. Gently push a Popsicle stick into the dough. Once baked, decorate with frosting and sprinkles.

Sweetheart Cookies

Little chocolate candy Kisses burst out of these sweetheart cookies from Betty Crocker. Use your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe or a pre-packaged variety and form into balls. Roll the balls in sprinkles or colored sugar. Bake until just crisp. Immediately press a chocolate candy into the cookie.

Double Thumbprint Cookies

Working with a buttery batter, form the dough into balls. Press two balls together to form a heart shape. Press your thumb into the dough balls to form an indent. Bake these double thumbprint cookies from Midwest Living until slightly browned. Just after they’re out of the oven, fill with raspberry jam.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Fluffy and bursting with chocolate undertones, then filled with marshmallow cream, these red velvet whoopie pies from Delish are a cool spin on the classic sugar cookie. The dough includes brown sugar instead of granulated along with red food coloring to get the characteristic maroon hue. Whip together cream cheese and marshmallow cream to use as a filling.

Chocolate Message Cookies

Do your kids love chocolate? Then whip up these chocolate message cookies from The Food Network’s Ree Drummond. Roll out the chocolate dough and then cut into heart shapes. You can use regular frosting on the cookies or use stencils and powdered sugar to make messages in the cookies.

Heart of Gold Cookies

These heart of gold cookies from King Arthur only look tough to make. They’re actually just a simple mix of heart cut outs. First, make two batches of sugar cookies – one in vanilla and the other chocolate. Make dough balls out of the batter and press down and bake. Remove from the oven when they’re just set and press a heart-shaped cutter into the center. Swap the hearts from the vanilla tray into the chocolate ones and finish baking.

Valentine’s Sugar Cookie Tested Recipe

The Joy of Baking offers this favorite recipe for valentine’s sugar cookies. Once you’ve baked up a batch of cookies, follow the directions for royal icing to make picture-perfect goodies.

Chocolate Heart Sandwich Cookies

These chocolate heart sandwich cookies from Martha Stewart look almost too pretty to eat – almost! A hefty 3/4 cup of cocoa gives these treats their chocolate flavor. And for the filling?  A creamy mixture of butter and sugar holds each sandwich cookie together.

Chocolate-Cinnamon Heart Cookies

For a heavenly combination of robust flavors, try this recipe for chocolate-cinnamon heart cookies from Cafe Johnsonia. After you’ve baked the cookies in heart shapes, give them a long dip into chocolate for an extra dose of richness.

Raspberry Linzer Heart Cookies

These delicate desserts take some time to put together, but they’re worth the effort! With these raspberry linzer heart cookies from Gourmet Girl, you’ll need to roll out both a bottom cookie and a top cookie with a shape cut out of the middle. Squeeze the two cookies together with raspberry jam for a fancy holiday treat.

Secret Kiss Cookies

Surprise your sweetie – or your kiddo – with Taste of Home’s recipe for secret kiss cookies. To make the cookies, you tuck a Hershey’s Kiss into a small ball of dough. Your kids won’t know what’s hidden inside until they take a bite!

Intensely Dark Chocolate Icebox Cookies

For the chocoholics at your house, this recipe for intensely dark chocolate icebox cookies from Coconut & Lime is sure to be an instant favorite. Dress up the cookies with multi-colored sprinkles in Valentine’s Day colors like red and pink.

This post was originally published in 2013 and has been updated for 2017.


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