Vegan-Friendly Vegetarian Holiday Recipes for Families

Feeling like going the green route for the holidays? We've got you covered with vegetarian holiday recipes that are suitable for vegan eaters, too.

We all know that food during the holidays isn’t the healthiest. But what if it could be? With the right vegan-friendly vegetarian holiday recipes, it’s possible – and your kids just might discover something new that’s good and good for them.

Healthy food doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the flavor and pleasure out of the mashed potatoes, after all. It just means you won’t be in that dreaded food coma afterwards.

Whip up something vegan – which means it’s free of all animal products, so it’s suitable for vegetarians, too – this holiday season to woo your guests and make your family’s bodies happy.

“Don’t be afraid of food – try things,” says Suzy Silvestre, chef and owner of Chive Kitchen, a vegan restaurant and bar in Farmington.

Silvestre says it’s important for children to have these options, as well, since they are growing and need those vegetables, nuts and grains that most holiday food doesn’t offer. Little ones also gain a more eclectic palate out of the experience, notes Silvestre.

“There is so much more that food offers that we need,” says Silvestre.

We gathered up some of the yummiest vegan-friendly vegetarian holiday recipes for the whole family to enjoy. Included is one of Silvestre’s holiday favorites – portobello steak!

Mashed Potatoes

What would the holidays be without mashed potatoes? Sad. These are coined “the best damn vegan mashed potatoes,” and the only thing separating these tots from your grandma’s is the usage of vegan butter, such as Earth Balance. Get the how-to from the Minimalist Baker blog.


Also from Minimalist Baker, this recipe is so good, you won’t even miss the real stuff. It uses porcini mushrooms and vegetable broth as the base, so it has some of that meaty texture without the actual meat. You can also get fun with it and add rosemary and thyme for an extra oomph that every other gravy will envy.


This is not boxed stuffing, and maybe that’s what makes it so exciting. This vegan-friendly vegetarian holiday recipe – yet another from Minimalist Baker – is one to keep because it incorporates lentils, which are loaded with protein and fiber. With only nine ingredients, this stuffing is guaranteed to be a holiday game-changer.

Tofurky Roast

Forget the side dishes. Go vegan with the main dish that’s on many holiday table – turkey. This classic, from the I Love Vegan blog, simplifies the daunting task of cooking a Tofurky and makes it easy for just about anyone. You’ll be the talk of the town with this recipe up your sleeve.

Mini Pot Pies

If you’re feeling like trying out a new entree for holiday dinner, look this way. These five mini-pot pies – from Minimalist Baker, which we’re clearly loving – are heartwarming, tummy-filling and only take one hour to make.


This recipe from Beyond Meat is such a classic that it can make it onto any holiday table without a question – and that’s why it’s on this list. You’ll love this dish because it uses a vegan meat product you can find in almost any grocery store’s freezer aisle.

Portobello Steak

If you really want to try something new this holiday season, opt for this recipe from Simple Vegan Blog. It turns mushrooms into one of steak’s competitors. It only requires seven ingredients, too, and takes up just 25 minutes of your time.

Pumpkin Pie

This is probably the easiest vegan pumpkin pie recipe you’ll ever see. Hailing from the Connoisseurus Veg blog, it includes the option to use a store-bought pie crust (yes, lots are vegan!) and using full-fat coconut milk as the only substitution. I guarantee nobody is going to notice the difference with this option among our vegetarian holiday recipes.

Coconut Cream Pie

Not feeling pumpkin pie? Loving It Vegan has you covered. Its recipe has three layers of super creamy coconut and topped with even more coconut (toasted, of course). It’s not only vegan but gluten-free, too.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

If you’re expecting a lot of little ones for dinner, whip up some of these beverages to recreate a classic wintery holiday treat. This spin on hot chocolate – one last Minimalist Baker pick – has just enough spice to alert the senses but even more sweetness to bring back you back to your own childhood.

This post was originally published in 2018 and is updated regularly.


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