Vegetarian Entrees for Families to Make Together

Vegetables aren't just for sides! Reinvent them as main dishes with these yummy recipes that'll get parents and children in on the meatless movement.

If you’ve been looking to eat more vegetables at your house, why not go meatless for one or more of your dinners each week?

With the popularity of Meatless Monday, a movement centered on kicking off the week with healthy, environmentally friendly meat-free alternatives, vegetarian entrees are all the rage, no matter what day you’re cooking.

These seven recipes will entice your kids’ palates and inspire them to join in in the kitchen.

Whether you’ve got a bent for pasta and lasagna, some curry or mushrooms – or even some veggie-friendly enchiladas and quiches – this list has you covered.

(While you’re at it, pick up some tips on how to make it a The Kids Cook Monday, too!)


15-Minute Asian Noodles

Take a visit to your nearest ethnic grocery store (or aisle) for the fixings for this 15-minute Asian noodles from Steamy Kitchen. This recipe includes specialty ingredients along with substitutions you might have on hand. Take note: The meat in this dish is optional – you won’t miss it if you skip it!


Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Roast Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

Mushrooms have a complex, meaty taste, especially in this stuffed Portobello mushrooms with roast tomatoes and goat cheese recipe from A Food Centric Life. The strong flavors of the goat cheese and mushrooms meld together when they’re broiled along with the tomatoes and seasoning.


Vegetable Lasagna

Raid your produce drawer for the ingredients you need for this vegetable lasagna from The Pioneer Woman. Layered with onions, red peppers, mushrooms, squash, tomatoes and garlic between pasta noodles and creamy ricotta, this hearty dish makes for great leftovers, too.


Golden Thai Curry with Green Beans

Wake up your taste buds with this golden Thai curry with green beans from Vegetarian Times. The yellow curry paste is toned down with creamy coconut milk. No restaurant reservations needed!


Pasta Primavera

Loaded with broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, peas and basil leaves, Simple Recipes’ classic pasta primavera has plenty of greens. The angel hair pasta combined with vegetables and cream make for a delish, Italian-inspired dish your family will love.


Vegetable Enchiladas

Instead of shredded chicken or beef, these vegetable enchiladas from Martha Stewart are filled with black beans, corn and chopped spinach. Finish off the dish by rolling up the filling into corn tortillas and then topping them with a homemade sauce you bake on top.


Vegetable Quiche

Eggs and vegetables are the perfect combination, especially in this version of vegetable quiche from Delightful Repast. The light, flaky crust is prebaked so that it stays crisp once you fill it.


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