How to Host a Vision Board Party for Kids

Get crafty when envisioning your goals for the new year.

Vision Board Parties have officially hit social media. For those out of the loop, a Vision Board Party is a social gathering where attendees clip, paste and collage to create a vision board that conveys their dreams for the future. The vision board project can range from outlining a specific goal to a more general approach that includes showcasing the values, role models and attributes you admire and aspire to take on. 

We’re just a couple of weeks into 2023, which makes this the perfect time to host a vision board party. Gather your kiddos, their friends, craft supplies and envision what your new year will look like by hosting your very own Vision Board Party. 

Why host a Vision Board Party

  • Encourage kids to dream big.
  • Instill the concept of goal-setting.
  • Develop public speaking, presentation and communication skills in your kiddos.
  • With most of the supplies already found in your home, it’s a fairly cheap way to stay busy while cooped inside. 
  • It’s a ton of crafty fun!

What you’ll need 

  • A piece of cardboard, cardstock or a presentation board.
  • Safety scissors.
  • Books, magazines, newspapers or other materials that can be cut up. If you don’t want to sacrifice any of your personal materials, consider buying a clip art book — they make them for adults, too! 
  • Personal photos. These can be great additions for including family and friends as role models in the project. Just be sure to print copies of the photos so your treasured photo books don’t end up in pieces! 
  • Glue sticks, tape or liquid glue.
  • Fun additions like stickers and scrapbook accessories.
  • A surface that can easily be cleaned up once the fun is over.

How to create a vision board

  • Set an intention. What goals or dreams do you want to express?
  • Sort through photos, clip art and other materials. Which words or images relate to your goal?
  • Cut out the chosen images. 
  • Adhere the clippings to your board with glue or tape.
  • Decorate the board with drawings, stickers or photo captions. 
  • Once everyone is finished, give each child a chance to present their board to their friends. Which goal(s) did they express? Why did they choose each image? 

Vision Board Party tips

  • Having a theme can help kids stay focused. Try out ideas like What I Want to Be When I Grow Up, What I’ll Be Like as a 4th Grader or What I Want 2023 to Look Like.
  • If you don’t have an overarching theme, have a list of guiding questions: Who inspires you? Where do you want to travel someday? How do you want to make people feel? 
  • Have a photo station set up for the final products. It’s a great way to remember the party, but also an opportunity to look back and reflect on how their goals may have changed as they grow older.
  • Send out invitations (and consider getting creative and making your own collage invitations!). If you won’t be providing all the materials, make sure that guests know what they’re expected to bring. 

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