Waffles for Dinner

Brinner – maybe dinfast? I’m not really sure what to call our family’s breakfast-for-dinner habit. But having some hearty scrambled eggs and crisp waffles for dinner is not only easy – it’s very satisfying.

So the next time you’re scrambling (forgive the pun) to come up with a dinner idea, grab some eggs and flour and make this tasty meal.

First, a word on waffles. Waffles can be flat and tasteless if you use a mix or throw together a quick batch. I’m not saying quick can’t be good. In fact, I have a great recipe here for making a fast batch of waffles.  But if you plan just a little bit ahead – in the morning – you can make these super-crisp waffles – the oohs-and-ahhs-inspiring variety. The secret is yeast. By adding a little yeast to the batter and letting it sit out for a few hours, the waffles have a more complex flavor – and a flakier texture. The first time I made these, I thought their closest comparison was the funnel cakes you get at the carnival – they’re that good (but not as sweet or greasy). You can definitely play around with the flavor of the waffles. Add a little whole-wheat flour to the batter, orange zest or even almond extract. And of course, you shouldn’t forget to top off your waffles with some good, high-quality Michigan-made maple syrup. One additional tip: keep the cooked waffles warm by heating the oven to about 200 degrees and storing finished waffles on a baking sheet until all the waffles are ready.

While your waffles are cooking, whip up some scrambled eggs to complete your meal. Bag the whisk and use a hand mixer for fluffier eggs. Thoroughly blend the eggs first and then add some fixins’. I make my eggs more filling by adding grated sharp cheddar cheese and smoked ham during the last moments of blending. If I’ve got some handy, I also add just a little bit of minced onion (no more than a tablespoon). The kids never notice the onion, but it gives the eggs a little bit of zing. The other key for really good scrambled eggs is to make sure that you add at least a tablespoon of butter or margarine to your skillet and bring it up to a medium-high heat before you add your egg batter. After you’ve added the eggs, go ahead and let them cook for a couple minutes before you start stirring them. Cook only until just barely cooked; then turn off the heat and let the eggs finish cooking off heat. By using a few tweaks and tips, your eggs will be extra fluffy – and tasty.

Ready for some dinner-breakfast? Me too! It’s good to the last crumb.


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