Watch This, Do That: Zootopia

Rewatch this Disney fave before the new series Zootopia+ makes its way to Disney+ this November.

Zootopia is all about accepting others and never doubting yourself. While it shows the racism, sexism and stereotypes in a fictional world, families will notice how the topics relate to the world we live in today.

In Zootopia, the world was once divided into two – viscous predators and meek prey. But over time the world evolved and now you can be whatever you want to be.

That’s great news for Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin). When she talks about wanting to be a police officer, she gets laughed at by one of her peers. Her parents are nervous for their daughter to go to Zootopia and face adversity since she would be the first bunny cop.

It was engrained in her to not trust foxes (her family literally gave her fox deterrent, fox repellent and even a fox taser before she left). Then she meets Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a fox that deceives people with his pawsicle side hustle. The two didn’t get along at first, but when they work together on a case, they end up being friends.

Also, enjoy catchy tunes from Shakira, who plays music sensation Gazelle in the film.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • You can do anything you put your mind to. Judy is the first bunny to join the police force and isn’t taken seriously. Yet she proves everyone wrong.
  • Follow your dreams. All of Judy’s family members are carrot farmers and she wanted to do more. She followed her dreams to Zootopia to become a police officer.
  • Don’t let stereotypes tell you what you are. Nick believed he couldn’t be anything more than a “slick fox.” Once he started working with Judy, he realized he could be more than that.
  • Accept others and celebrate differences. Judy had to accept Nick for who he was and without him, she never would have solved the case. They both come at things differently and make a great team because of it.

Movie-inspired activities 

  • Make Office Clawhauser’s doughnut using this tutorial by Mrs. Kathy King. You’ll need a large paper plate, pastel paints, cream colored craft paint, scissors, pencil/pen, mason jar lid, a small paint brush and a foam paint brush.
  • Bake Carrot Patch Cupcakes with this recipe by Disney.
  • Create pawpsicles bookmarks out of cardboard, red transparent plastic sheet, red food coloring, toothpicks, transparent glue and a few other items. Use the tutorial by Geeklightful.
  • Use this recipe by Rosanna Pansino to create a doughnut cake for “The Big Donut.”
  • Download these free coloring pages by Adventures of a Nurse.


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