Watermelon Recipes for Families

Watermelon might be the all-American fruit, but it has a long history across the world. This juicy fruit dates all the way back to Egypt 5,000 years ago! There were even watermelons featured in Egyptian hieroglyphics. From there, watermelons made their way to China, Europe and eventually the United States. Today, Americans chomp down on watermelons more than any other melon. We’ve even garnered a world record for the heaviest watermelon ever grown – it was nearly 269 pounds and grown in Arkansas in 2005.

Break watermelon out of the fruit bowl by using it in these fun recipes. From smoothies to centerpieces, salsa to sailboats, watermelon adds a cool twist to any meal or snack.


Watermelon Smoothies

If you think eating watermelon is refreshing on a hot summer’s day, try drinking it! Make these watermelon smoothies from Taste of Home for a unique way to cool down. Bonus: This recipe is simple and has only three ingredients – watermelon, lemon sherbet and ice cubes.


Fruit Flower Bouquet

Break out the cookie cutters to make this fruit flower bouquet from Spoonful. Watermelon slices can easily become flowers of all shapes and sizes. You can use this idea as a centerpiece for your next picnic or barbecue. The best part? You can eat the flowers!


Asian Pork Burgers with Minted Watermelon

Forget standard hamburgers! Try this new twist on grilling with these Asian pork burgers with minted watermelon from Real Simple. The natural sweetness of pork pairs perfectly with the flavors of crisp cucumbers, watermelon and mint.


Watermelon Salsa

Instead of using tomatoes as the base for salsa, what about another red fruit? That’s right, watermelon makes for a tasty salsa when mixed with jalapeno peppers, fresh cilantro, lime and red onion. This recipe from Eating Well for watermelon salsa is easy to make and goes great with grilled fish, chicken or pork.


Watermelon Sailboats

Check out this simple, fun idea for watermelon sailboats from Watermelon.org. Let your kids create a seaside scene by cutting the watermelon slices into triangles. Push toothpicks into the top of the triangle (the “sail”) and add a blueberry to complete the look. Yummy and nutritious!


Watermelon Gelatin Pops

Okay, so there’s not really any watermelon in these icy treats. But they sure look like the real thing! To make these clever treats follow the directions for watermelon gelatin pops from Quick Dish. Red gelatin peppered with mini chocolate chips stand in for the real fruit. Add a layer of yogurt, then green gelatin, finish off with a popsicle stick and you’ve got a tasty treat!


Watermelon Cake

No watermelon required for this colorful watermelon cake from Betty Crocker. Add red food coloring to white cake mix to fashion the “watermelon” base of the cake. For the “rind” use green-tinted frosting spread on the edges of the cake. Let your kids add in the “watermelon seeds” by mixing in a handful of mini (or regular!) chocolate chips to the cake batter. Now who wants a slice of this watermelon?!


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