Cedar Point Announces 150th Anniversary Specials

In honor of its 150th season, Cedar Point is offering a plethora of new attractions, features and specials in 2020. Here's a rundown on the family offerings.

America’s rockin’ roller coast is turning 150 years old, and the park is celebrating in a huge way. On Dec. 11, 2019, exactly 150 days ahead of opening day 2020, Cedar Point announced 16 special features and new attractions that commemorate the occasion.

Curious what’s in store? Here’s a breakdown of the offerings to help you plan your family’s trip in 2020.

New entertainment

It wouldn’t be a celebration without entertainment, now would it? As with any birthday party, Cedar Point is planning to go big with new jaw-dropping shows and parades, historical fun, ticket options and even a throwback ride.

Snake River Expedition

Remember Paddlewheel Excursions or, if you frequented the park in the ’80s, perhaps Western Cruise?

The paddlewheel boat ride around the lagoon that closed back in 2011 is returning as Snake River Expedition.

During this ride, guests will explore the winding river around Adventure Island and under Millennium Force – the park’s signature giga roller coaster.

With the help of live actors and special effects, guests will help smuggle a bounty of riches to safer waters.

Celebrate 150 Spectacular

This multi-sensory nighttime celebration will feature a dozen lighted floats that commemorate points in the park’s history, along with over 100 performing sailors, acrobats, beach bathers, hotel associates and more.

You can catch this procession down the Main Midway June 12-Aug. 16, 2019, and then follow it to the nightly street party near Iron Dragon where it will culminate in dance performances, pyrotechnics and music.

Live entertainment

The party continues with the park’s new Bands in Residence program, which brings a few lucky bands in the region to the park to showcase their musical prowess in front of park-goers during three festival weekends.

Frontier Town – the park’s western-themed area – also commemorates the occasion by revamping the Palace Theatre’s “Lusty Lil” show to pay tribute to the theater’s historical moments.

Town Hall reborn

Cedar Points signature Frontier Town, Town Hall is always a great spot to learn a bit of the park’s history, but in 2020, the museum gets kicked into high gear with an interactive timeline that takes you all the way back to the park’s beginnings as a bathing beach.

You’ll also get to check out new exhibits that recreate long-gone attractions including Jungle Larry’s African Safari and the Earthquake and Rotor Rides – plus artifacts, blue prints, scale models and more.

Park history tours

If you like the new Town Hall, you’ll love the self-guided tours that Cedar Point is offering in 2020.

Download the mobile app and follow it as it takes you to special park locations and tells you stories about each spot’s importance. You’ll also find Segway tours about the beach, lighthouse and other park highlights.

You can learn more about the self-guided tours at Town Hall and grab tickets to a Segway tour at the Lakeside Gate near WindSeeker.

Party eats

What would a birthday celebration be without a cake and other treats? Cedar Point delivers by serving up a few new selections and bringing back some old favorites.

French Quarter Confections

Fudge, cotton candy and funnel cakes are just some of the sweet treats that will be offered at this new food option, located near the park’s main entrance. You’ll also find a chocolate fountain and customizable treats at this spot, including the new waffle-on-a-stick.

The Mac Shack

This beloved food option is going all-out for the big one-five-oh with customizable macaroni and cheese bowls. Choose from brisket, pulled pork and many other options.

The C.P. Juice Co.

Remember those fruit-shaped drink cups from the days of old? They’re coming back in 2020. Find them at the C.P. Juice Co. near Scrambler.

They come in the shape of oranges, grapes, lemons and apples filled to the brim with slushie drinks of the same flavors. This spot also serves strawberry, banana, pineapple and kiwi-strawberry smoothies.

The Corral

Need a heartier meal? Find it at this quick-serve option, which is being rebuilt for the 2020 season. On the menu here, find some park favorites including cheese-on-a-stick, hot dog-on-a-stick, jalepeno-on-a-stick, chicken tenders, pizza and more.

Taste of the Point

Having trouble deciding on an eatery or meal during your trip? Try them all with this food tour. Families that choose to take this tour will get a special passport that will lead you through 15 of the park’s eateries including the Happy Friar, The Corral, French Quarter Confections and Toft’s Ice Cream Parlor.

The tour can be used over multiple visits and, if you finish it by the end of the season, you get a free T-shirt.

Favors Galore

No birthday party would be complete without a favor to remember it by – and Cedar Point is delivering on that with plenty of new merchandise for sale.

Celebration Central

In 2020, The Pagoda Gift shops transforms into Celebration Central, which will be filled with commemorative and limited-edition merch.

Here, find shirts, mugs, hats and collectible pins that feature the 150th anniversary logo, along with retro ride merch, a park photo book by Great Lakes Publishing in Cleveland and a make-your-own postcard option.

Cedar Point button trading

In addition to this merch, the park is also offering a button trading program that features hundreds of button designs bearing logos of current and former attractions for purchase.

Guests are encouraged to trade their buttons with one another and certain park associates. Limited buttons not available for purchase will also be in circulation. Find the buttons for sale next to Celebration Central, where Hat Rack used to be.

Keyhole photos

In honor of merch past, the park is also bringing back keyhole photo keychain options. Get your photo taken by a designated park photographer and purchase your keychain at the FunPix Photo booth.

More offerings

New entertainment, food and merch – what else can Cedar Point possibly have in store? Why, a nod to their guests, of course.

The Courtesy Corps

This group of employees stand on a raised platform, interact with park guests and provide needed information including park maps, show guides and height measurements. You can also find artwork and photography of the park at each one of these stands.

Cedar Point Legacy Walk

Does Cedar Point feel like a part of your family’s history? Well, now you can be a part of its history – literally. Purchase a brick now and the park will engrave it with your family’s name and place it in the park’s Main Midway path for all to see.

Ticket of a Lifetime

Last, but certainly not least, the park is offering exclusive lifetime tickets. Starting in February 2020, guests can enter for a chance to win a ticket that will score them free admission to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores, along with free parking for life.

Only 150 of these tickets will be chosen throughout the 2020 season, and each winner will get a total of four of these tickets.

For more information on Cedar Point’s 150th anniversary offerings, visit them online at CedarPoint.com – and don’t forget to check out our post on Cedar Point’s regular season and our Halloweekends guide for details on Cedar Point all year round.


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