Family Fun at Cedar Point HalloWeekends

The Sandusky, Ohio park celebrates the holiday in a huge way Sept. 14-Oct. 29, 2023.

Cedar Point is known for dishing out some serious screams, but it’s not always the coasters that cause all the commotion. Every year, when summer turns to fall, Cedar Point HalloWeekends transforms the park into a Halloween lover’s sickest dream: Where monsters roam after dark scaring the pants off of anyone who crosses their path.

Of course, this spooktakular event isn’t just for those who love to be scared. There’s plenty of Halloween fun for kids during the day, plus more than 70 rides, including 17 roller coasters, four kids’ areas and games galore.

What should you know about Cedar Point HalloWeekends 2023 to get the most out of your trip this fall? Metro Parent chatted with the park’s former digital communications manager, Kristy Williams, to get the scoop.

HalloWeekends tickets and dates

Sept. 14, 2023 kicks off the 26th year for Cedar Point HalloWeekends; it goes through Oct. 29.

During Halloweekends, the park is open 6 p.m.-midnight Thursdays, 11 a.m.-midnight Fridays-Saturdays and 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sundays.

Buy your HalloWeekends tickets online starting at $49.99. Tickets will cost more at the gate, so it’s best to buy ahead of time. 

Parking at Cedar Point is $25/vehicle for general parking. 

Kid-Friendly Halloween Fun

Before the monsters come out to play, kids get to enjoy some some not-so-scary fun with tamer ghoulies and ghosties, and some unique Halloween-themed attractions.

“Cedar Point is already a wonderful getaway for families, but during HalloWeekends, there is so much more to experience,” Williams says. During the day, “there are family activities that aren’t typically seen at an amusement park, like trick-or-treating, a foam party, kid-friendly mazes and more.”

Among these kid-friendly attractions happening at Cedar Point HalloWeekends is the Crazy Corn Box, Howlin’ Hay Maze, Monstrous Mummy Pit and Magical House on Boo Hill, among others. You’ll even find fun activities including crafts, a costume contest and Halloween-themed eats.

Plus, some ghoulish effects on some of the kid-friendly rides.


During the twilight hours and into the night, the not-so-friendly monsters come out to play, in the outdoor “Scare Zones” and indoor haunted houses open during the “Haunt” at Cedar Point HalloWeekends.

During Haunt, choose from six terrifying walk-through outdoor attractions, including Banished (on Frontier Trail), Blood on the Bayou (on Frontier Trail), Cornstalkers 2.0: Revenge of the Pumpkin Heads (on Frontier Trail), Cut Throat Cove (near Maverick) and Tombstone Terror-tory (in Frontier Town). New this year is Clown: Death Metal Tour. 

Plus, there’s five haunted mazes: Bloodbath, Fearground Freakshow, Slaughterhouse, The Haunting of Eerie Estate and the new Midnight which are scattered throughout the park.

The park also lights up at night with theming and animatronics that complete the thoroughly spooky vibe, but if you’re not into all of that you can always purchase a no-boo necklace, which will keep the monsters at bay.

Heart-pounding performances

Cedar Point HalloWeekends also brings tons of shows for those thrill-seekers that are less about the coasters and creeps and more about family fun.

Expect to find spook-tacular musical performances including Butchers of Rock, Echoes of the Brimstone Club ft. Midnight Syndicate and The Witch Sisters. 

Younger kids will love the stage show, “The Monsters are Coming, Charlie Brown”, and if can get your older kids to stop with the rides for a minute, you’ll can creep them out with spookier performances like “The Tell-Tale Heart” or “Wake the Dead: A Murder Master Musical.”

Extra details

Before heading to Sandusky, for Cedar Point HalloWeekends, be aware that some attractions and rides are not available every day the park is open.

The park also offers special programs during Cedar Point HalloWeekends (and all year round) to make the day a little easier on families with young kids or visitors with disabilities.

These programs include the “Parent Swap” program, which allows both parents to ride larger rides when the child cannot ride; the boarding pass program for those with physical disabilities and autism spectrum disorders; height wristbands for kids that just meet the height requirements for the rides and roller coasters, so they have no problems getting in line; and the “Kid Track” program, which reunites lost kids with their parents.

To find more information on any of these programs, visit Guest Services, Town Hall or Lost Persons.

The park has also gone cashless, so be sure to bring a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, in lieu of cash.

For more Halloween fun, check out our roundup of top hayrides and haunted houses in southeast Michigan.

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  1. I rember a time when the author of this article wouldnt go down the “frontier trail” because she was petrified of the “monsters lurking in there. LMAO


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