What’s Happening at Cedar Point in 2020?

Cedar Point has reopened for the 2020 season. Here's what you need to know about visiting the park this year.

Cedar Point’s 2020 opening day was set to be May 9, but that day came and went without the sound of midway music, the sweet scent of elephant ears or the rush of a single coaster. In addition, all of the park’s 150th anniversary celebrations have been put on hold until 2021.

We can thank coronavirus for all of that.

But not all is lost this coaster season. America’s rockin’ roller coast has set some ground rules to make this season as safe as they can for guests and park employees alike. Take a peak at some of these plans and get details on visiting the park, which officially opens to the public on July 11, 2020.

Not familiar with Cedar Point? This amusement park has a 150-year history since opening in 1870 – and has been dishing up screams since its first coaster, The Switchback Railway, in 1892.

Today, it boasts 72 rides for thrill seekers of all ages, including 18 of the world’s best record-breaking coasters; plus tons of live shows, beachfront fun on the shores of Lake Erie, a water park, food, games and much more.

Cedar Point hours and ticket costs for summer 2020

This year, Cedar point will be opened 11 a.m.-8 p.m. daily from through mid-August. Hours are reduced to 11 a.m.-8 p.m. weekends only starting in late August. Regular one-day admission tickets are $47 online only.

Kids ages 3-5 enjoy free admission for the entire 2020 operating season. Discounted tickets for adults are available on the park’s website or at your local Meijer and Discount Drug Mart. AAA members and select credit union customers enjoy discounts, too.

Driving and parking

Cedar Point is located at 1 Cedar Point Drive in Sandusky, Ohio. It’s accessible to Michiganders via the Ohio Turnpike or Route 2. If you hop on the turnpike in Toledo and exit in Sandusky, the toll is around $4 per vehicle. Route 2 is free.

Parking at Cedar Point is $20 per vehicle, or $30 for preferred parking.

COVID Protocols

Cedar Point is dedicated to the health and safety of both guests and park employees, which is why they have created their 2020 Welcome’s Back Guide.

This guide breaks down all of the safety protocols in place. Guests should note that advance ticket purchases and reservations are required before visiting the park in 2020. Both can be done on the park’s website or in the mobile app.

The mobile app is required to be on the phone of at least one member in your group. Face coverings are required in the park, unless you’re in a designated “relaxation area,” as are health screenings and a temperature check at the park’s main gate.

There will be hand sanitizing stations set up throughout the park. Guests can also expect touch-less turnstiles and cashless payments, and all guests are expected to maintain proper social distance (at least six feet apart) throughout the day.

In addition, some rides, rows on rides and areas of the park may be closed down so that social distancing can be maintained.

Lockers, pets and food

All-day lockers are available for rent near the main gate, starting at $15, based on the locker size.

Other lockers are available outside of certain rides. The rate for these lockers is $1 an hour for up to three hours or $10 a day. You have the option of moving these lockers from location to location if you rent it out for the day.

Need a place to keep your pet? Cedar Point also offers a pet check available for $15/animal near Bay Harbor Restaurant before you enter the park — check ahead to see if kennels are available in 2020. No overnight guests allowed.

And when your tummy gets rumbly, there are also tons of spots to find food in the park, including BackBeatQue, Chickie & Pete’s, Coasters Drive-In, Dragon’s Inn, Red Garter Saloon and more.

The park also has a list of where to find food for special-need diets online so that you know where to find gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly and allergy-safe options. If you don’t find anything for you on that list, you can always speak to a food and beverage manager or bring your own food.

Public picnic centers are located outside of the park for guests that opt to eat outside food. You can also keep a cooler in-vehicle. That said, outside food is not permitted inside the park.

Cedar Point Shores

Cedar Point Shores (formerly known as Cedar Point Soak City), will not be open for the 2020 season.

Roller coasters and thrill rides

Cedar Point offers 18 record-breaking and high-flying rides including Valravn, GateKeeper, Maverick, the 420-foot Top Thrill Dragster, and the world’s first ever giga-coaster, Millennium Force.

Or, if you’re really looking for a thrill, tackle the park’s newest coaster attraction, Steel Vengeance. This award-winning hyper-hybrid coaster is built on the skeleton of Mean Streak in Frontier Town and takes riders up 205-feet and then drops them straight down 200-feet at 74 miles an hour. From there, riders scream through a 2-minute and 30-second twist of wood and steel, around tight turns, over hills and and through four inversions before arriving back into the station.

If that’s too much for you or your child, there are also plenty of great transition coasters, like Blue Streak, Iron Dragon and Corkscrew, for younger coaster lovers above 48-inches tall but below the 52-54 inches required for bigger rides.

You’ll also find thrill rides like Windseeker, Power Tower, MaXair and, for an additional fee, SlingShot and Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling (formerly known as the RipCord), along with family rides including the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad, Giant Wheel, carousels and two water rides: Snake River Falls and Thunder Canyon.

“There is something for everyone at Cedar Point,” Kristy Bacni, the parks digital communications manager says. “Not only do we offer the best white-knuckle thrills anywhere, but we also have four kids’ areas, a beautiful mile-long beach, shopping, dining and award-winning live entertainment. Cedar Point is a vacation destination that’s close enough for Michigan families to drive to, but far enough away to be a real vacation.”

Best of all, you can capture your vacation with a FunPix photo plan. Photographers roam the park all day grabbing shots of all of the family moments.

With this plan, you can open these professional photos on your mobile device and share them on social media. Add the program to your daily ticket for $29.99 or season pass for $64.99.

Stage shows and other ways to chill

The park also offers tons of live musical and acrobatic performances throughout the season, along with an animal petting farm, glassblowing and candle-making demonstrations, meet-and-greets with your favorite Peanuts characters, gemstone mining and more.

Kids can also help the crew of the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad ring the bell and earn their Peanuts Road Rally Driver’s License free of charge.

Make sure you check ahead, as some of these experiences may be closed in 2020.

Family and special needs offerings

With so much to do, you’re going to want to bring the entire family. For parents with smaller kids, who want to take advantage of the thrills, the park offers several programs to make it easy for everyone to enjoy everything.

The first is the free Parent Swap program, which, Bacni says, works like this: One parent waits in line for the bigger coasters, or another height-restricted ride, while the other takes the kids to one of the four kids areas: Camp Snoopy, Planet Snoopy, Kiddy Kingdom and the Gemini Midway Area.

Parent No. 1 rides their ride, hands off the pass to a ride attendant at the exit, and finds parent No. 2. Parent No. 2 goes up the exit and hops on the ride while parent No. 1 watches the kids. Once parent No. 2 is off the ride, the family continues their day.

The park also offers two family care centers for nursing moms or dads with dirty diapers to change. And there’s a “KidTrack” program to reunite lost kids with their parents.

They also have a “Boarding Pass Program,” which is designed for visitors with disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. This program allows for these guests to get a boarding time for specific rides, instead of waiting in the long lines. In addition, guests with special needs or limited mobility can take advantage of wheelchair rentals and accessibility options for certain stage shows.

Parents also have the option to get their child officially measured at guest services to find out which rides they can enjoy and which lines to bypass until next year.

All of these programs and services are available at guest services.

Safety tidbits

For those in need of medical care, there are two first aid locations in Planet Snoopy and near Mine Ride. Anyone with safety or security concerns can text CPSAFE with their location to 69050 to reach security.

Guests who are pregnant, have certain medical conditions and those with prosthetics or limb injuries should also be aware of ride restrictions. Most ride restrictions are posted at each ride entrance, but guests are welcome to check online or with guest services for more information.

Cedar Point hotels

If you’re looking to do it all and need a place to stay, try one of Cedar Point’s hotels:

Guests that choose to stay in one of the park’s lodging options enjoy added bonuses including early entry to the park and discounted tickets into the park.

Looking for more amusement park fun this summer? Check out our roundup of the best family-friendly parks in the country and our guide to tackling Michigan’s Adventure.

This post is updated annually. 



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