Chosen Rhythms Volunteer Music Group

Music has the power to make people happy. And when it's delivered by adorable kids, it's a perfect pick-me-up for folks who are feeling lonely or blue.

That's the mission of Chosen Rhythms, a volunteer music group featuring Sterling Heights siblings Reina and Brayden Cranford, ages 9 and 8. Along with dad Adrian Cranford, every Saturday, they dress up and volunteer at metro Detroit nursing homes, soup kitchens, churches and assisted living facilities, specializing in inspirational, jazz and Christian music. "It's important for kids to learn to give back to those who were once in the community," mom Monica Cranford says. "I think today's generation forgets about elderly people."

And for these kids, it's a natural fit. Brayden plays both the drums and the bass guitar. "My son would go in my cabinets and take out all my pots and pans and drum on them, so that has been in him for forever," mom says.

He likes performing "You Are My Sunshine" with his sister. "People love my drumming," Brayden says. "It's good to do it and I make people happy when I play." Reina, the vocalist, adds, "I love to sing because it inspires people and it makes them feel happy inside. They love my music and they love to hear me sing." Her favorite tune is "Dynamite" from the Disney Channel TV show Ant Farm. One day, she hopes to take her musical talents to the small screen.

"We tell them they can do whatever they want," adds mom. "If you let kids follow their passion, they can become something great."


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