Elsa’s Icy Braid: How to Create a Disney Princess Hairdo

Your daughter’s got the shimmering blue gown – and she can sing “Let It Go” pitch perfect, word for word. So why not give your own southeast Michigan little princess the hair to rock with it, and complete the motif? That’s now a reality thanks to Disney Frozen Hairstyles: Inspired by Anna and Elsa. Written by Theodora Mjoll Skuladottir Jack and featuring dazzling artwork by a variety of photographers and stylists, this Disney-sanctioned title, published by Edda USA, is packed with 28 inventive ‘dos, all inspired by the famous royal sisters.

In this creative collection of braids, twists, updos, buns, waves and ponytails, each step is clearly illustrated – including primer on everything from French braids to fishtails – and accompanied by gorgeously staged photos. Edda USA was nice enough to share a step-by-step tutorial to creating Elsa’s coif.

What you’ll need


1. Curl the hair with a medium-sized curling iron. It’s best to start at the bottom, underlying layers of the hair and work your way to the top. (If you wish, use the clips to get the unfinished top layers out of the way until you get to them.)
2. With the rat-tail comb, light backcomb or “rat” the at the top of the head, combing in a downward motion toward the root.
3. Take a hold of three fairly large locks of hair from along the hairline, at the top of the head, start making a French braid.
4. As you’re French braiding and pulling in hair from the sides, be sure to pull in fairly large chunks of hair to keep the look loose.
5. Once you’ve hit the neckline – having made sure to “pull in” all the available hair by this point – continue making a normal braid down the length of the hair.
6. To polish it off, gently pull on the ends of the braid. Hold onto the end of the braid with one hand while pulling its ends with the other hand.
7. Put a small elastic band at the end.


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