20 Fun Spring Activities in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Sick of being cooped up this winter? Jumpstart warm weather with these boredom-busting spring activities in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor.

What makes springtime in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor so grand? Well, once that snow melts away and winter’s chill disappears, there’s an incredible amount of family fun to be had!

Springtime activities can be outdoors or indoors (hello, kids spring crafts!) but we promise all 20 fun spring activities we list here will keep your kids entertained — inside and outside of the house!

Note: Following the coronavirus pandemic, some activities may be virtual or schedules may be limited. Remember to wear your mask for in person activities!  

1. Take a hike

Discover — or rediscover — one of Michigan’s many state parks, county parks and Huron-Clinton Metroparks. One favorite, Kensington (in Milford), includes miles of trails, scenery and even a nature center and farm. Daily park admission is just $10 per vehicle (or $40/annual permit!).

2. Swap it

Don’t wait for spring to start clearing out your closets. Help your kids go through old clothes, books and toys to figure out what they no longer need – or like. Ask a group of friends to do the same; then, set up a swap meet in your basement. Let the kids trade their old duds for a recycled treasure.

3. Ride the People Mover

You don’t have to be going into town for a show at the Fox Theatre to enjoy The Detroit People Mover. The above ground train will delight your kids as you pass by the RiverWalk area, Bricktown, the Ren Cen and more. It’s just 75 cents a ride! Stop in Greektown to enjoy the sites — and smells. Don’t forget Astoria Pastry Shop; the chocolate cannoli are worth every calorie!

Note: The Detroit People Mover is open 7 days a week and times may vary. 

4. Book some fun

Why not let someone else do the reading? Check the MetroParent.com calendar for virtual library and bookstore story times in metro Detroit and beyond. It’s a great chance to escape and mingle.

5. Plant some springtime

Find an old flowerpot at home – or buy a cheap one. Fill it three-quarters with potting soil. Sprinkle wheat berries on top and gently push them in, just slightly. Within a week, you’ll have a pot full of grass – which your child can cut every few days. Or, grow plants from dried beans you may already have.

Get your kid interested in gardening this season, too, with this advice.

6. See the stars

Too cold to watch the night sky outside? The Wayne State University Planetarium in Detroit holds virtual planetarium presentations on Zoom. The program, held most Friday evenings, is free (a nominal charge sometimes applies). It’s best for kids who are a bit older and won’t get scared in the dark, domed amphitheater. Check out this list of other local planetariums while you’re at it!

Note: The Wayne State Planetarium is currently closed but you can still catch virtual shows! 

7. Create your own drive-in

Have an outdoor movie experience. Your car may already have a DVD system installed, or bring along your laptop. Find a spot near the park to snuggle up in the backseat together under a blanket and enjoy the latest animated feature — or introduce your kids to a classic, like Star Wars. Don’t forget the popcorn. 

Looking for a larger screen? Check out the Ford Drive in Theater in Dearborn where their drive in movie lot is the perfect place for a variety of nightly movies! Check out their online schedule to experience the cinematic fun.

8. Chalk it

Create your own art gallery using the concrete sidewalk outside as a canvas for your kids’ masterpieces. You can find thick, inexpensive chalk at any grocery store. Double the fun by having your children invite their friends over, too.

9. Battle, chef-style

Try your own mom versus dad Iron Chef based on the popular Food Network show. Let your kids act as sous chefs — or judges. Pick a simple theme ingredient like pasta or chicken and see who can come up with the tastiest dishes. Remember, you only have one hour before judging!

10. Model tool time

On the first Saturday of every month, Home Depot offers free kids’ workshops in the morning. Each month there is a new DIY project that is partnered with the Science Fair Central Organization.  View the monthly workshops and more at your nearest store’s website. 

11. Play at the mall

Several southeast Michigan malls now have play places where you can sit and relax as your youngster climbs large plastic animals and trees.

Try the small spot at Westland Shopping Center, or Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi. Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor boasts a kids soft play area. Bundle up for outdoor fun at the play park at The Mall at Partridge Creek in Clinton Township. And don’t forget about IKEA in Canton. You can check in potty-trained kids for up to an hour (depending on how busy the store is).

12. Find a new haunt

Hunt down a new local family favorite in your area. What tasty restaurant is waiting to be discovered in your nearby strip mall? Find out with your brood.

13. Dust off the museum pass

Reintroduce your kids to some of Michigan’s great museums, like the Michigan Science Center, the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, the Cranbrook Institute of Science or even the Detroit Institute of Arts.

14. Make your own museum

Give your kids readily available supplies like paper, crayons and tape to assemble their own works of art — and let them know you’re excited to take a tour once they’re finished. It’s a great activity if you’re snowed in or the kids complain that they’re bored.

15. Build a simple bird feeder

Looking for kids’ spring crafts? Here’s a great one: Using a plastic cup, poke a small hole on two opposite sides and run heavy twine through them (for hanging). Cover the outside of the cup with Elmer’s Glue and then let your child gently sprinkle birdseed over it. Once that’s dry, fill the cup with birdseed and hang it on a branch near a window.

Encourage your kids to draw pictures of the birds that visit. (Warning: This bird feeder won’t last long!)

16. Flower power

Make a colorful bouquet to remind you and your crew that spring is here. Color several paper muffin liners. Gently press a hole in the center of one, so that a straw can go through. Fold and roll another paper cup so that you can place the rolled end into the straw’s opening at the top.

17. Help furry friends

Area shelters are always looking for supplies you might have lying around your house, like towels, baby food, blankets and dish detergent. Collect items from your home or pick up some supplies at the store to drop off in person. Check out your local shelter’s website for information on what products they need.

18. Adopt a grandparent

Help your kids give back to the community by visiting a local nursing home. Call ahead to find out times when visitors are welcome. Prepare a fun song, like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” that your child can sing for seniors — or bring along a favorite book, like Goodnight Moon, to share.

19. Mock Olympics

Channel the sporting spirit by coming up with your own events – anyone for a pillow obstacle course or a cotton ball toss? Let your children brainstorm events and then compete as individuals or divide up into teams (check out our home field day games for other ideas). Invite friends and family to join you.

20. Get in some spring training

Get your Tigers enthusiasts active by coming up with baseball-like games to play indoors. For example, instead of a bat and ball, use your hand as a bat and stuffed animals as balls to practice “hitting.” You can even add bases (think: pillows) and run through an inning or two.

Are there any springtime activities your family loves that didn’t make our list? Share ’em in the comments!

This post is updated regularly.

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