Artkive App Makes Digitally Storing Kids Artwork Easy

I don't know about you, but we saved everything growing up – from favorite toys to the quickest of drawings created during school. While it's a lot of fun looking at all these items and thinking of the great memories they represent, we definitely have a "stuff" problem in my parents' attic. If only they had Artkive some 25 years ago!

Artkive is a new smartphone application that allows you to take a photo of your child's artwork and store it in the cloud – or Artkive's servers – so that you can digitally save it. Since it's now online, you can even share it with your friends, too. Want to see your child's artwork in one place? Artkive offers several printing services, like books and calendars, that you can create after a month, a year … whatever you like.

Developed and created by Jedd Gold, Artkive was a result of artwork overcrowding. The dad of two young daughters, Jedd felt terrible throwing their creations away – but didn't know what else to do with them, as boxes upon boxes began piling up. Jedd is hoping that Artkive will help families preserve memories while keeping their basement free of too many storage boxes.

And it isn't just for moms and dads. Family members and friends are also encouraged to download the free (for a limited time) app, too.

So far, Jedd and team have received lots of positive feedback from parents who have been uploading their children's artwork left and right. The daily emails he gets have been one of the many things he loves about Artkive.

Check out Artkive in the iTunes Store or over on Facebook to learn more – and get a glimpse of what Artkive can do for yourself in this nifty video.


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