At-Home Activities for Families

Stuck in the house with nothing to do? Check out these fun at-home options including recipes, crafts, virtual ideas and backyard activities.

Being stuck at home with nothing to do can be a real drag for families. There’s only so many times you can binge SpongeBob or read Dr. Seuss before the kids start crying that they’re bored.

Metro Parent has spent years compiling fun ideas for families to do around the house — and to help you out even more, we’ve put all of those activity ideas together in this convenient spot so that you can bookmark it and look for craft or cooking inspiration, backyard fun when the weather is nice, indoor options when it’s not and much more.Take a look and find something new for your kids to do and check back in often because we’ll be adding fresh content to it periodically.Have fun!

Indoor Entertainment | Virtual Activities | Kid-Friendly Recipes | Books for Kids | Crafts and DIY projects | Fitness and Exercise | Backyard Fun

Indoor entertainment

Is the weather outside a bit frightful? These indoor ideas will help you shake up the fun that can be had inside your house including kid-friendly podcasts, new binge-worthy shows on streaming services like Disney+, Netflix and Hulu, tips for tea time, best forts to build and much more.


Virtual activities

The great thing about living in the 21st century is that technology brings us closer together with our friends and family — even when we can’t physically be together — or enjoy an attraction in a far away place. Here are some ways that you can use the technology that you already have to keep the kids entertained at home.


Kid-friendly recipes

Tired of takeout or the same old meals week after week? Add a little spice to your family’s food routine with a new recipe or two. Whether you’re looking for new ways to mix up breakfast, lunch or dinner, we’ve got you covered with unique recipes that your kids will love — including meatless, gluten-free and dessert ideas.


Books for kids to read

Reading is a great hobby for kids to pick up. It helps them expand their imagination, vocabulary and other important skills, and it’s also an excellent way to keep them occupied while at home. If you need a few more books to add to your shelves, consider some of these options that you can check out of your local library or find at an independent bookstore.


Crafts and DIY projects

A day at home can be the perfect opportunity for kids to tap into their creativity and make something out of common household items such as paper plates and toilet paper tubes. Take a look at some of these fun craft ideas, gather your supplies and spend the day making a masterpiece with your kids.


Fitness and exercise

One good way to pass the time at home is by doing a little bit of exercise or physical activity. While you probably won’t get the kids to participate in a family version of Buns of Steel, they might be more willing to join if you turn exercise into a game or activity — or who knows, maybe your kid will find a new hobby or love of yoga or running.


Backyard fun

Being home doesn’t mean you have to be indoors. If the weather is nice (or even if it’s not, kids like mud puddles) your backyard or neighborhood park can supply you with plenty of opportunities for family fun. Get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air and quality time outdoors with these fun ideas.



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