#AwesomeMom Hashtag Mother's Day Card for Mom

I love the hashtag #AWESOMEMOM. You'll find posts from thankful children. You'll find posts from frazzled moms sharing the latest funny happening at their house. And you'll find many posts saying why it's great to have a family. When thinking about a fun Mother's Day card, this hashtag came to mind – with a tech theme. While we're celebrating moms in just a few days for Mother's Day, the hashtag can be applied to aunts, grandmas and good family friends. It's all up to the crafty giver.


  • Card stock in darker colors (grays, blues, deep yellow)
  • Pre-made flat card (I use the A6 note cards from Paper Source; you can also make your own)
  • Tape runner
  • Adhesive foam squares
  • Corner rounder punch
  • Paper trimmer
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers


For this card, you can either use a readymade flat card from a store like Paper Source or you can make your own; it's up to you. I like to keep a stash of ready-to-go card supplies on hand, like card blanks, so that you can make a one-of-a-kind card whenever the mood hits you. (Or whenever you forgot to pick up a birthday card and the class party is in an hour … )

1. With your flat card start out by rounding the corners with a corner punch.
2. Next, cut a piece of gray card stock to 4-by-5.25 inches with your paper trimmer and then round the corners. This will be the base of the phone.
3. To make the center of the phone, use a lighter color of card stock, like baby blue. Cut this piece to 3-by-4 inches and round the corners.
4. Make two of these pieces. Then, with one of your blue pieces, apply your tape runner along all four sides of the paper and press onto one side of the main flat card. This will be your child's area to write a message. Now's also a good time to write the message – before adding the adhesive foam squares (just a few steps away).
5. Next, it's time to decorate the remaining blue card stock piece to look like the front of a phone. Draw several rows of different colored boxes on the blue paper. These are all of mom's important apps!

6. Your card is ready to assemble. With a tape runner, apply tape to the back of the phone front and position onto the gray piece of card stock. Turn this over and place an adhesive foam square in the four corners of the gray piece; apply to the front of the card.

7. Cut the piece of yellow card stock to 1-by-2-inches for the text message. I love saying #AWESOMEMOM, but your child can write anything they'd like. Once the message is ready, apply it to the phone front.
8. Add a colorful envelope to go with the card and get ready to present on Mother's Day. To all of our moms out there, have a wonderful day!


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