Brown Paper Bag DIY Book Covers with Washi Tape

Whether we like it or not, school isn’t THAT far away right now. As you pick up class supplies and new clothes for the return of the school bell, think about how your students will personalize their new goodies. Book covers are common school requests, as they prolong the life of passed-down textbooks. You can buy fabric and stretchy covers at the store, but the tried and true version is a plain-old grocery bag. Put your crafters to work by practicing their covering skills so they’ll be ready on Day One.


  • Textbook
  • Paper grocery bag
  • Scissors
  • Decorations of choice – we used washi tape


1. Cut your brown paper grocery bag apart by cutting down one side, across the bottom, and then removing the bottom flap.
2. Next, set your book in the center of the bag and fold up the bottom of bag and fold down the top of the bag, so that each end meets the top and bottom of the bag.
3. After that, open up the front cover of the book. Fold the excess part of the bag over the front cover and crease. Do the same for the back cover. Insert the front cover into the folded-over channels. Do the same for the back cover. Adjust the cover to make sure it’s snug.
4. It’s time to decorate your cover. I used the washi tape down the length of the book to secure the inside flaps. I then added another color for pattern and design.

How will you decorate your book cover? Make sure to show us! Share a photo of your new book cover. We’ll post it here in the Make It blog.


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