Burlap Holiday Wreath Decoration with Fabric Yo-Yos

From clever bloggers to popular Pinterest boards, it seems like just about everyone has a great spin on making a burlap wreath! Whether you like an over-the-top look or more scaled-back vibe, this project is not only easy – it's something your family's little crafters can help with, too. And, with its raw texture, burlap definitely adds a simple yet striking look to your decor. This easy holiday version can be made big or small, for inside the house or out – festooned with a few easy-to-make contrasting fabric yo-yos.



  1. Cut your green burlap into three 3-inch-wide strips. Then, cut two 1.5-inch strips of polka-dot burlap. Snip any frayed endings on all strips.
  2. Take one green strip and fold over the end 1/4 inch. Place onto the back side of the wreath form and secure with three pins across the fold. Wrap the burlap around the entire circle, overlapping about 1/2 inch. When you're nearing the end of one green strip, trim the excess so that you can pin it to the back, once again folding over the end 1/4 inch. Do this with all three strips.
  3. With your green burlap complete, it's time to add the red polka-dot burlap. Repeat the same process for securing and wrapping to the form, but space out the burlap so that the green isn't completely covered.
  4. Cut a piece of jute cord to the length you'd like your wreath to hang. Knot the two pieces at one end. Add to the wreath by threading the knotted end through the looped end. Secure the jute in the back of the form with pins.
  5. Finish by pinning fabric yo-yos to the bottom of the wreath.


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